Are there any benefits available on my auto insurance if I refer my friends In Green Valley, AZ to purchase an auto insurance from the same vendor I own.

One of the best ways to find a good auto insurance company in Green Valley, Arizona is to ask your friends who they use to insure their car. You too can help your friends when they are looking to purchase car insurance. If you refer them to your current insurance vendor and they purchase policy, they will be happy because they are getting good and affordable coverage. You may also be rewarded with some unexpected benefits from your independent agent who appreciates your help in sending more business their way.

It may be unexpected, but not unusual for individuals to get some perks when they refer their friends to the Insurance Center Green Valley. You may be pleasantly surprised when an agent hands you a gift card and tells you thanks for the referral. Sometimes agents at the Insurance Center Green Valley will present you with a voucher from a local business where you can enjoy a complimentary lunch or some other small benefit.

While it is nice to receive a little something extra for referring your friends to the same insurance vendor that you use, the reason you should do so is that you want to help your friends get the type of auto insurance coverage that they need. If you are happy with your insurer, why not share that information with your close friends and family?

Personal recommendations are probably one of the best sales tools for convincing anyone to bury any product. Whether it is buying a car or buying car insurance, people trust their friends to steer them in the right direction. You can give us a call and talk to an independent agent who can discuss the benefits when you refer new clients.

Do I Need my Ex-Wife’s Approval to Remove her as a Primary Policy Holder on my Home Insurance Policy?

Getting a divorce is complicated, particularly when property is involved. When the court gives you the right to live in the house in Green Valley, Arizona, it does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the battle.

Obtain Proof of the Divorce

The only way to remove your ex-wife from the home policy is with the appropriate documentation. If she is the primary policy holder on the house, then proof that you were awarded the house in the court is a necessity.

You will need to document that the divorce is finalized, you own the house and she is no longer making any mortgage payments on the home. If she is still paying on the house, then you may not be able to remove her as the primary policy holder until after the deed and loan is transferred into your name.

When Her Approval is Necessary

It is necessary to obtain your ex-wife’s approval to remove her as the primary holder of the policy if she is still part-owner of the house. Divorce does not necessarily mean that you take over the mortgage automatically. It may take time before the deed and loan is issued in your name.

When Permission is Not Necessary

The situation ultimately determines if you need prior permission to change the coverage plan to your name. If the court awarded the house to you, then you may not need permission to make changes to the policy. You will need to provide proof that the house is yours and that she no longer has a legal claim on the house.

Before you make changes on an insurance policy, contact us to talk to an independent agent about your specific situation and the options that are available for your needs.

Is there a commercial insurance available in Green Valley, AZ, for schools?

Schools in Green Valley operate school buses, employ multiple teachers and other workers and open their doors to countless children and parents on a daily basis. Although all of these activities are required for successful operation, they also open the doors for potential liability issues. Thus, like any other business, a school needs commercial insurance policies.

For schools, several types of commercial insurance are available: commercial property insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, commercial general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance

School buildings are large and expensive to construct. When they become damaged, the cost of repairs can be significant. Commercial property insurance protects the school’s structure and grounds. When damage occurs, the policy will help the school pay for the necessary work.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance protects the buses and any other vehicles a school operates. The policy may cover the cost of vehicular repair in the case of an accident, and it may also provide compensation for injured parties.

General Liability Insurance

If a parent, child, employee or visitor is injured at the school or because of school activities, a general liability policy will help the school pay for any lawsuits that arise. Covered expenses include medical costs, attorney fees and other damages related to the incident.

Workers Compensation Insurance

The state of Arizona requires schools to carry a workers compensation insurance policy. Workers compensation insurance provides protection for the school when an employee is injured on the job. If an employee is injured, the policy will cover medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and more.

If you’re in the market for commercial insurance coverage, consult with us. An independent agent will provide you with the undivided attention you need to choose the policies that are best for your school.

What are the Advantages of Having a Home Emergency Insurance Policy in Green Valley, AZ?

If you’re lucky, the only one of the advantages you’ll experience from having a home emergency insurance policy on your Green Valley, Arizona, residence is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve protected your investment. However, you never know if an emergency will occur. If it does, your policy could help you recover from the damages to your house and personal property. An independent agent can help you determine if your regular homeowner’s policy provides enough coverage for your circumstances. Many policies cover some events but not others, so adding supplemental insurance to cover certain emergencies could be recommended for you.

Coverage varies between insurance providers and policies, so it’s necessary to discover one with offerings and supplements that make it a good fit for your home. The coverage that your Green Valley home needs will depend on the risks associated with your type of house and with the specific area it is located in. Even if you’re living in an area at ground level, flood coverage could be a practical addition to your policy. In this case, the advantage is that you’ll be better able to recover from water damage after an emergency.

In general, Arizona property damage coverage is likely to cover you when damages occur because of fire, lightning, windstorms, or hail. However, they most likely won’t cover damages caused by floods or earthquakes, so we’ll help you determine if adding coverage for these emergencies could be to your advantage. Because of Green Valley’s desert climate, it is possible that a range of weather conditions could cause damage to your home. Even if your policy offers some coverage for events such as wildfires, you may want to increase your coverage amounts. Historically, Arizona’s wildfires can also be problematic for homeowners because they may lead to flooding, so having both emergencies covered could come in handy. We hope you never experience a home emergency, but we’re here to help you consider your coverage so you can take advantage of your policy if one does occur.