3 Common Fire Hazards to Avoid in Your Home

Residents of Green Valley, AZ who want to learn more about fire prevention can talk to the agents at the Insurance Center of Green Valley. Each agent has a firm understanding of what causes fires in the home as well as various ways to prevent fires from occurring. It’s important, as a homeowner, to be aware of common hazards.

Minimize the Use of Extension Cords

Reduce the number of extension cords you use throughout your home. Connecting two or more together can create a fire hazard. Instead. Place items that need to be plugged in closer to the outlets. You can also choose to use a longer extension cord for added reach.

Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean

While it’s common knowledge to keep your lint trap clean, the dryer vent that leads outside can still become clogged with fine bits of debris and lint. One a month, use your vacuum hose to sweep deep into the lint trap. You can also use a shop vac to remove debris from the outside as well. At least once a year, remove the vent and blow it out with an air compressor.

Replace Frayed Cords

Cords on appliances that are used often can start to fray. As soon as signs of fraying, or any other type of damage, start to appear, have the cords replaced.

The agents of The Insurance Center of Green Valley are available to answer any fire safety questions you may have. If you live in Green Valley, AZ or any of the surrounding communities, consult an agent today and have your home insurance policy reviewed. Get the answers you need now!



Protecting Your Car From The Arizona Heat

The Arizona Heat in the summer months can be dangerous to your car, including the Green Valley, AZ area. Sun damage can diminish the appearance of your car and require additional work that you were not anticipating beneath the hood. Below are tips to minimize sun damage throughout your car and keep your car looking new while you own it. 

Keep Your Car Washed and Waxed 

Frequently washing your car and waxing it can protect the paint from long-term sun damage. The wax is used as a layer of protection from the sun and prevents paint cracking from temperatures that regularly exceed 100 degrees. 

Top Off Those Reservoirs

All fluids beneath the hood of your car are essential for an operating system. They also carry the chance of evaporation, especially is extreme heat areas. Make sure that all of your fluid reservoirs are topped off to ensure that your car will continue to operate properly in these extreme temperatures. 

How’s the Battery?

With the air conditioning set at its highest temperature for several months, maintaining that system, as well as standard operations can be stressful on your car battery. Have it checked out before the summer months roll in to ensure that it is properly operating. 

Keep That Interior Cool

Any time you have the option to park your car under shelter, take advantage of these garages at home, in your complex parking area, and any garages at work. If you do not have access, make sure that you purchase a window visor to deflect the heat out of your vehicle, maintaining the internal temperature. 

Need a New Auto Insurance Policy?

At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we offer auto insurance policies to residents in the Green Valley, AZ area. Use our online rating tool for your quote today from the Insurance Center of Green Valley or contact one of our agents for more information.