If my Boat gets Lit up in Green Valley, AZ, by Police Gun Fire to Catch a Fugitive, is that Covered by Home Owner’s Insurance?

During a fugitive chase, police may shoot at the suspect to attempt to prevent injuries to the public. Unfortunately, that may mean that your boat can be lit up by gun fire if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Depending on the situation and the location of you boat, your homeowner insurance policy may offer some protection for your vessel in Green Valley, Arizona.

The Location of the Boat

Depending on where the gun fire takes place, it may or may not be covered under your home policy. If your boat is damaged during a chase through your neighborhood and your ship is in the front yard, then you may be able to make a claim on your homeowner’s policy. On the other hand, if your ship was on the water at the time, then you may need to make a claim through your boat’s insurance policy.

Coverage Amount

If you make a claim through the policy on your home, then the amount that you have available may be limited. Insurers have limitations on how much you can claim for property based on the amount of coverage you have on your house.

In many cases, the coverage amount will be limited to a percentage of your home’s value. The exact percentage may vary, so review your policy to determine if you are covered and how much you can claim for your boat.

Damage to your ship can be stressful and expensive, but solutions are available if authorities hit your boat while chasing a fugitive. Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley to talk to an independent agent for more information about protecting your boat.

Can I get auto insurance using an international license in the Green Valley, Arizona?

Whether you are visiting the Green Valley, Arizona for school, work, or vacation, you will need car insurance in order to legally operate a vehicle on the road. If you are from another country, you will need to take a few more steps to get coverage. However, with some planning, you can enjoy the same driving privileges as a citizens while you are visiting Arizona.

How to Get Insurance in the United States

In order to qualify for insurance, you first have to show proof that you are an authorized driver. Before your trip to the United States, you will need to obtain an international driver’s license from your home country. After your international license is issued, you can operate a vehicle in the United States. Next, you will need to decide whether you wish to purchase a vehicle or rent a car. Depending on the length of your stay, it is usually a better option to choose a rental that is easier to insure. Once you choose your vehicle, the next step is to get it insured and comply with any registration requirements.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

An insurance agent at Insurance Center of Green Valley is authorized to carry insurance policies from multiple insurance companies. The advantage of shopping for insurance with an independent agent is that you can choose a policy that is tailored to your individual needs as a driver. If you are an international driver, it is important to compare quotes so that you can receive an affordable rate on auto insurance. An independent agent can also help you determine whether you have the correct license and documentation to qualify for coverage in the United States.

You can browse our online quotes to find a policy that fits your budget or contact us today to speak with an independent agent.

Can a Non-Resident Foreigner get Auto Insurance from a US Company to Cover Rental Cars in Green Valley, AZ?

When you are visiting Green Valley, Arizona as a tourist or seeing a family member, it may be necessary to rent a vehicle for the duration of your stay. Even if you are a non-resident foreigner who is visiting as a tourist to the area, it is possible to obtain auto insurance for the rental cars that are available.

Coverage From the Rental Company

Companies that offer rental cars may have insurance available for customers who are willing to pay the daily rates. The cost to cover the vehicle through the rental company may be high because it is usually based on a per-day basis rather than a per-month basis. Depending on the length of time that you plan to stay, it may or may not be an appropriate solution for your needs.

Specialized Insurance

Some insurance policies for cars can be specialized based on the situation and the type of vehicle that you rent. An auto policy for a rental car is not the same as a policy for a personal vehicle because you are not required to show proof of ownership. The insurer understands that you are renting the car and will provide basic coverage based on the state laws.

You may be required to send a copy of your driver’s license from your home country to qualify for coverage. The pricing and method of providing coverage may vary based on the length of time that you plan to rent the vehicle.

Even as a foreigner who is visiting the state as a tourist, it is possible to rent a vehicle as long as you have an appropriate license. Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your options.