Essential Home Insurance Coverage: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Your Green Valley, AZ home is a significant asset; you want to protect and take good care of it. One of the ways to do that is through home insurance. But how much coverage do you need? What kinds of coverage details are essential, and what are some that you might not need to worry about? The best way to get answers to those questions is to work with the Insurance Center of Green Valley.

If your home is financed, your lender will require you to have a home insurance policy and a particular level of coverage. That way, they’re protected if something should happen to your home. But you also want to be protected, and you might have more in or around your home than you’re officially required to cover.

Essential coverage will cover all the basics, like fires and other significant events. You want to be sure you have the right level of this protection, though, so you can make repairs or even replace your home in case of a total loss. Having a trusted insurance agent help you with this process is the right way to get valuable coverage that meets all your needs.

When you’re unsure what changes you want to make to your policy or whether it’s time to adjust your home insurance to protect your assets, working with the Insurance Center of Green Valley is the right choice. We understand that your Green Valley, AZ home is essential to you, and we want to be sure you’re covered for potential risks. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind while you spend time in your home with your family or when relaxing on a quiet day off work.

The Role Limits Play on an Auto Insurance Policy

When was the last time you took a close look at your auto insurance policy? It is critical to know your auto policy limits and their role in your coverage. Serving the Green Valley, AZ area, the Insurance Center of Green Valley team is here to help shed light on the confusing subject.

The Limits and Their Role

When you are taking a look at your auto insurance policy, you will immediately go to the coverages that you have. What do these dollar amounts represent, though? Normally, they will speak to the limits that are in place.

In the sense of the insurance carrier, when they agree to limits on an auto insurance policy, that is the dollar amount they will pay up to in the event of a covered loss you suffer. For example, if you have a claim of liability placed against your auto insurance policy and the limit is $100,000, the auto insurance policy will cover up to that amount in losses. 

The Max of the Limit

The limit is your max point of coverage with your auto insurance carrier. Once you hit that amount, you will no longer be eligible for additional coverage. A Green Valley, AZ insurance policyholder would need umbrella insurance over their auto insurance to receive any additional coverage. If you want to know more about auto insurance, your policy limits, and how you can be sure you have adequate coverage, contact us at the Insurance Center of Green Valley today!