Three steps to a successful management of auto risks

Effective risk management begins with identifying and addressing basic hazards before the occurrence of any incidences. Without a proper understanding of the hazards and risks which your employees are likely to face with the nature of their tasks, it may not be possible to ensure their safety.  Below are three main steps that an organization may use in the management of auto risks.

1. Risk identification and assessment.

This is the process of examining and evaluating the basic auto risks for purposes of identifying any hazards which are inherent in the tasks of employees. While evaluating auto risks, two main factors should be considered: The severity of the impact on any injury as a result of the risk, and the probability that the damage is likely to occur.

This will call for the need for supplemental excess liability auto insurance to help cushion the organization in case the level of severity and probability of occurrence is high.

2. Risk control

After examining and evaluating the risks, action should be taken for all assessed risks. You can have your employees have a definite route, establish an accident reporting policy, reviewing the driving policies of the organization by ensuring the vehicles are roadworthy and safe and come up with the standard code of conduct for all drivers.

3. Review and Monitoring

Whichever method you choose to control the risks, it is important to monitor and carry out a review of the process to determine its sustainability.

Additional coverage will always be needed if the potential auto exposure risks likely threatening your business and employees. You should, therefore, consider purchasing liability insurance in addition to the self-insurance which will provide sufficient coverage in case of an accident with liability exposure.

At Green Valley, AZ, Insurance Center of Green Valley, we understand the complexities in protecting all aspects of your business. Our experienced professionals in auto risk management will be glad to provide you with any assistance in securing commercial auto insurance. Call us or visit us today for more information.

The Best Time of Year to Buy Car Insurance

Are you thinking about buying auto insurance? If so, the Insurance Center of Green Valley serving the Green Valley, AZ area is here to meet all of your auto insurance needs. And if you’re wondering when the best time to invest in a policy is, make sure to check out our helpful information below. 

The Time to Buy Auto Insurance is now!

The saying, "there is no time like the present” holds very true when considering the best time to buy auto insurance. If you want to drive legally, then it’s best to buy insurance right now. The sooner you purchase auto insurance, the sooner you begin to build a history for yourself that shows good faith as an auto insurance carrier. As your history grows, along with a good driving record, you will, generally, begin to pay less for auto insurance coverage.  

It may be a good time to buy auto insurance if you have maintained an insurance policy with a carrier for a good amount of time and they are not willing or able to provide you with lower premiums or additional discounts. Most insurance companies send you a renewal notice and this is a good time to start considering your options. When considering a switch, it is a good idea to view your renewal paperwork and understand your coverage and pricing. This allows an accurate comparison and you will know if you are getting the same coverage with a different carrier and it can help you decide if you are getting a better deal. In addition, switching at your renewal time gives you a clean break from your current insurance company without any type of lapse in coverage taking place; this is essential in being able to keep your rates low.

Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley serving Green Valley, AZ to learn more about buying car insurance. 

I Unknowingly Let Someone With a Suspended License Drive My Car. Will My Auto Insurance Pay For a Car Accident They Had?

At Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving the greater Green Valley AZ area, we are asked a wide array of questions. One of the questions that we have recently been asked is whether your auto insurance policy will pay for an accident if you unknowingly let someone with a suspended license drive your car. 

First and foremost, it is important to understand that you can be held liable for anyone that you let drive your car. As such, you need to be positive that the person is licensed and a safe, responsible driver. However, you have no way of knowing that a license is suspended unless the driver tells you, so you may not know until an accident occurs that their license was no good. 

In most cases, your insurance policy will pay for the accident, even if the other driver was not licensed. However, there are two scenarios in which they won’t. 

If Your Policy Has an Unlicensed Driver Exclusion

Some auto insurance policies have an unlicensed driver exclusion specifically in them. This exclusion states that any unlicensed drivers, including those with suspended licenses, will not be covered. More and more insurance companies are listing this inclusion in their policies to decrease their liability, so always carefully read through your policy to see if it is there. 

If Your Policy Lists Precluded Drivers

Some auto insurance policies list precluded drivers. If your policy has the driver who was driving your car listed as a precluded driver, or your policy only includes specific drivers, the damage was done by precluded drivers will not be covered. 

Are you in need of a new auto insurance policy in the greater Green Valley, AZ area? If so, the Insurance Center of Green Valley is here for you. Call us today and let us find you the auto insurance policy that is best for you. 

Finding the Best Auto Insurance Company for Your Needs

The right auto insurance matters, but it’s not just about the policy. It’s also about the company you’re working with. If you choose a trusted company like Insurance Center of Green Valley for your Green Valley, AZ auto insurance needs, you can have the peace of mind that comes with good insurance and knowledgeable agents. While there are other insurance companies that can provide you with coverage, you want to work with a company you know you can rely on if you ever need to use your insurance policy due to a claim for damages or other problem.

Some companies are much better about customer service than others, and with the right company on your side, you have the opportunity to get the best insurance policy for your needs. You can also make changes as your requirements change, and ask questions if you’re not sure about something on your policy. That’s important to remember because policies don’t stay the same all the time. There are cars removed and added, and the same is true with drivers. It’s also possible that the coverage amounts themselves will need to be adjusted. Getting a company to do that quickly and efficiently can provide peace of mind.

To get strong customer service and the right auto insurance policy for your needs throughout the Green Valley, AZ area, contact Insurance Center of Green Valley today and talk to knowledgeable agents. Then you can get the policy that’s going to actually be right for you, and you’ll be able to have the financial protection that you and your car, truck, or SUV deserve. You don’t want to settle for just any insurance company when it’s so easy to get the one that can really offer you the policy and the service you need and expect.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Me If I Crash Through The Garage?

The unexpected has happened. You meant to step on the brake for a smooth stop but instead hit the gas pedal for a disastrous crash into the garage’s door of your home. Before you file a claim with your auto insurance company, there are two things that you should know about liability assurance in Green Valley, Arizona; both of which an agent and Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you understand.

Your Policy Does Not Always Cover Damages to Property You Own

Liability insurance is meant to cover damages that you cause to someone’s else. You cannot use that portion of your indemnity policy to pay for repairs to your car if you are the culprit who ran through your home’s garage. Such is not the case for a rented house since you, technically, are not the property owner. Liability auto insurance will cover damages related to your vehicle as well as the home’s structure if you happen to run into the garage door. Your landlord, of course, would need to file a claim with your car’s insurance company to reap the benefits of your policy. 

Homeowner’s Insurance May Be Necessary If You Own Both the Car and Home In Question

Those who find themselves out of luck for filing an auto insurance claim for running the car through the garage may be able to file a claim on their homeowner’s insurance plan. Technically, your accidental takedown of the garage door caused structural damage that can lead to thousands paid for housing repairs. Thankfully, homeowner’s insurance plans do not have a clause that prohibits you from filing a claim if you cause damage to your residence. 

It is always a good idea to check with your local insurance agent to be sure of your auto and homeowner’s assurance policy limits. Agents and brokers at Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you obtain the best indemnity plan to suit your needs in Green Valley, Arizona. Contact us today for a quote!

What happens if I am caught driving without insurance?

Unless you are in an accident, you may never get caught driving without insurance in Green Valley, AZ. If you do get caught, though, the consequences can be harsh. 

Arizona is a fault state, which means that the person who caused a crash is liable for any damages. However, even if you are in an accident caused by someone else, you have a legal duty to show proof of insurance. 

Drivers in Arizona have an exception where, with some qualifications, they can post a $40,000 bond with the Department of Motor Vehicles instead of carrying insurance. Most drivers don’t meet the qualifications and can’t afford this option. 

If you are actually caught driving without insurance, you will suffer progressively more severe fines for each violation. The first fine is hundreds of dollars, but at three or more the fine is $1,000 for each violation. License suspensions start at three months, but the third and up are one year apiece. 

Not only will your driving privileges be suspended, so will your registration privileges. You won’t be able to legally renew your plates.

Your vehicle could end up being towed, in which case you would have to pay expensive tow fees and prove you have a valid registration to get it back. 

Even after you pay the fines and wait out the suspension, you will be required to pay reinstatement fees and carry a special, usually more expensive insurance in order to drive legally again. 

Insurance Center of Green Valley understands how important it is to protect yourself and your ability to drive in Green Valley, AZ. You can explore your options as to various insurance policies by calling Insurance Center of Green Valley and talking to one of our friendly agents today.

How to Prevent Your Car From Being Broken Into This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, crime increases. People are out spending money and shopping and the criminals know this. One of the questions that we at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving the greater Green Valley, AZ area, are asked is whether there is any way to prevent a car from being broken into during the holiday season. Here are a few tips that you can use to help keep your car safe. 

Do Not Store Valuables in Your Car

When you are getting ready to go to a mall or shopping center, take valuable items out of your car. This includes money, cell phones, designer sunglasses, your purse or pricey jackets. If your car is empty, there is nothing for a thief to break in and try to get. 

Hide Your Holiday Packages

If you must keep holiday packages in your car, place the items in the trunk offsite. Do not move the items from your backseat to the trunk after you have parked in the parking lot. Thieves can see this. Doing it offsite helps to minimize the likelihood that they will know anything is in the car. 

Park in a Well-Lit Area

The last tip is to park in a well-lit area. Thieves don’t want to be seen and it is more likely they will be if there is a lot of light. Try to park near lights to keep your car as safe as possible. 

Despite your best efforts, you cannot prevent all crime. If a thief wants into your car, they may find a way in regardless. Having the right auto insurance in place helps to minimize the amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket for the items they stole and the damage they caused. If you are unsure if your policy is fully covering you, or just want a new auto insurance policy in the greater Green Valle,y AZ area, turn to Insurance Center of Green Valley. Give us a call now and let us help you with your auto insurance needs. 

What to do When Your Car’s Check Engine Light Comes On

You might freak out or begin to panic the moment you see the “check engine” light appear. You start to think of all of the costs that could go along with it. The Green Valley, AZ agents at Insurance Center of Green Valley would like to ease your mind by letting you know what you should do when that dreaded light comes on.

Don’t Panic

Unless smoke is coming from the engine or sparks are shooting from the hood, don’t panic. Your on board engine’s computer is simply letting you know that there is some sort of malfunction. It may be something such as a sensor that needs to be replaced. If you’re handy with vehicles you can change the sensor yourself.

Get it Diagnosed

Take your vehicle to a mechanic so they can diagnose the issue. Those who’d like to do-it-yourself can purchase a code reader. Once the code is deciphered, then you can decide if the issue is something that either you or your local professional should handle. Some check engine lights illuminate when you have a faulty or cracked gas cap. It may seem like a small concern, but gas caps that leak can release vapors that alter the fuel system.

Fix the Problem

Just because you don’t panic right away, doesn’t mean that you should ignore the problem. Issues that build up over time can cause more damage. You could spend more money fixing a problem that was compounded with time. For example, if you ignore the light for several months and the issue was the catalytic converter, then your car will eventually stop running.

In Green Valley, AZ, the Insurance Center of Green Valley has expert insurance agents that are available to help you with a new policy or adjust your current coverage.

Ride Share Programs

The United States Department of Transportation reports that ride-sharing programs are increasing. This is a good thing. Ride-sharing includes traditional carpooling, vanpooling, and taking turns with your neighbors picking up the kids from school. Ride-sharing also includes the innovative Internet-based car-sharing programs, such as BlaBlaCar, Lyft, and Uber.

Considerations for Ride-Sharing Programs

Before participating in any ride-sharing programs, the experts at the Insurance Center of Green Valley serving Green Valley, AZ, and the surrounding areas, say there are a few things to consider, which are:

  • Lack of Flexibility – If you use ride-sharing to get to and from your work, you will have to be ready to go at the pre-scheduled times; otherwise, you will inconvenience others in the ride-sharing program with you. This may mean you have to get up earlier than you normally would in order to be ready and waiting when the carpool vehicle arrives at your home. It also means you will have to leave work at a certain time and cannot work late. If the boss asks you to stay at work to get something done, you may be stranded without a convenient way to get back home.
  • Vehicle Maintenance – If it is your turn to drive, you must keep your vehicle properly maintained and clean.
  • Extended work hours – Most people who commute with others find that the commuters begin talking about work almost automatically. The ride to work becomes a kind of casual business meeting.
  • Vehicle insurance – When you are using your vehicle to transport others, your insurance coverage needs to be adjusted for the additional potential liability in the case of an accident. If you are receiving compensation, including from your company, you may need commercial insurance coverage for your vehicle.


If you use your vehicle for commuting to work and take passengers along with you or if you offer a ride for hire as part of the new social media ride-sharing services, you have special auto insurance needs.

Consult with your agent at Green Valley, AZ, Insurance Center of Green Valley. Even if you do not participate in ride sharing programs, it is always a good idea to conduct an annual review of your auto insurance coverage with your agent to make sure the coverage is adequate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance Brokers

As you begin to shop for auto insurance plans, you may discover that some insurance plans are offered through an insurance agent, while others are offered through an insurance broker. This can leave you with many questions. Here are a few of the questions you have regarding auto insurance brokers.

What is an Auto Insurance Broker?

An auto insurance broker sells auto insurance plans. However, unlike an auto insurance agent who works solely for one auto insurance company, a broker works with a variety of companies.

What Are the Benefits of an Auto Insurance Broker?

When you work with an auto insurance broker, they are able to find you the best auto insurance policy for your needs. It may not be with the auto insurance company you think it is with. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of working with an auto insurance agent, which limits their options to one insurance company. Unless you are loyal to one company, a broker can be beneficial.

Can An Auto Broker Help If You Need to File an Insurance Claim?

An auto broker typically sells the policy. They cannot file a claim on your behalf, and because they do not work for the insurance company, cannot help with the status of your claim. However, they can put in a call for you and work to obtain information on your claim or direct you to the right department if you need to file a claim or have questions about an existing claim.

Do you need a new auto insurance plan in the Greater Green Valley, AZ area? If so, Insurance Center of Green Valley can help. Give us a call today to discuss all of your auto insurance needs and let our auto insurance brokers find the right auto insurance plan for you.