Three Ways To Protect Your Home From Pests

There are so many different things that can threaten our home, including the smallest of pests. At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ, and the surrounding areas, we want to help you defend your home on all fronts. Keep reading to learn ways to protect your home from pests. 

Don’t Ignore Infestations

If you start to see any signs of infestations, take care of them immediately. Pests will not simply go away on their own. Many pests, such as termites, will only grow worse over time. It may be tempting to ignore the problem and hope it resolves itself, but this is not a wise move and will likely cost you more money in the long run. 

Use Professionals 

It is always advisable to use professional pest control when you have a pest issue. These professionals will be able to properly assess the extent of the problem and provide services that will eliminate the pests quickly. Professionals also have access to products and equipment that you would not be able to access as well. Licensed pest control experts can use certain products because they are trained and certified to do so safely. Regular homeowners will not be able to access these types of products and therefore could not do as thorough of a job. 

Annual Checkups

Having your home evaluated annually for pests is also a good idea. This allows you to get ahead of the problem before an infestation starts. 

If you would like to learn about home insurance services, please get in touch with us at The Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ, and the surrounding areas.  

Three Benefits of Comprehensive Auto Insurance on Older Vehicles

Many people drop their comprehensive auto insurance coverage once their vehicle gets to be past a certain age. The idea is that the cost to replace the vehicle might be less than the premiums over several years. However, this isn’t the smartest way to do things. There are many benefits to keeping your comprehensive coverage through the Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ, on an older vehicle:

1. Coverage on Repairs and Replacement

Comprehensive auto insurance can cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your vehicle, regardless of age. This may even include damage and theft. Many people don’t have the cash in their checking account to go out and buy a new car, making comprehensive insurance well worth it.

2. Protection Against Non-Accident Related Incidents

In these times of unpredictable weather, every vehicle is more susceptible to damage from weather-related damage from hail, storms, tornadoes, and more. Older vehicles are just as likely to be damaged as a brand-new vehicle.

3. Coverage for Medical Expenses and Liability

If you only have collision coverage, if you get into an accident, your auto insurance policy will only pay for the other person’s damages. But when you retain comprehensive vehicle insurance, you can benefit from coverage for medical expenses and liability. This is especially helpful if you have limited health insurance. Considering that most older vehicles aren’t equipped with the latest safety features, it makes sense to have comprehensive insurance coverage.

As your insurance representative at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ can tell you, comprehensive insurance offers excellent value, even on older vehicles. So, don’t be so quick to drop this valuable coverage. Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley today to learn more.