How Worker’s Compensation is a Commercial Insurance Benefiting You & Your Employees

Here at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we are proud to provide an array of commercial insurance policies to Green Valley, AZ, and other Arizona businesses. Each type of policy has its benefits, but worker’s compensation policies uniquely benefit two parties: the employers and the employees. Just take a look at the following quick list of how:

How Worker’s Compensation is a Commercial Insurance Benefiting Both Employers & Employees

Benefits to Employees:

  • Medical Coverage. Worker’s compensation insurance ensures that a company’s employees receive the medical care they need for injuries and illnesses sustained on the job.
  • Wage Replacement. This insurance also offers wage replacement benefits so employees can be financially secure as they navigate their injury or illness. 
  • Rehabilitation and re-training. In some cases, an employee may be injured beyond their ability to return to regular work for an extended period, sometimes ever. In such cases, workers’ compensation will often pay for rehabilitation and even re-training to get them back at the job site in a capacity right for their health. 

Benefits to Employers

  • Legal Protection. Because worker’s compensation insurance provides employees with medical and wage benefits, employers are generally protected from lawsuits that might lead to injury-causing accidents.
  • Financial Stability. Worker’s compensation uniquely provides employees and employers with financial stability as employees get their wage replacement payouts from insurance companies, and employers don’t have to scramble to meet such out-of-pocket costs. Win-win. 

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Required Auto Insurance in Arizona

When you own a car in Arizona, it’s required for it to be covered by auto insurance. You must have proof of your auto insurance policy and have it available. Not having your vehicle insured can come with fines and fees and jeopardize your vehicle’s registration. If you don’t have the auto policy you need right now, call us at the Insurance Center of Green Valley in Green Valley, AZ. 

Liability Coverage Types

Two types of liability coverage are required in Arizona. The first one is bodily injury liability coverage. This type pays for the medical bills that others have in an accident that’s your fault. This comes in two different amounts. The first is a specific amount of coverage when one person is injured in an accident. Then, another amount has to be in place for everyone with injuries. The second type of liability coverage you have to have is property damage liability. This pays for the other party’s vehicle damage and any damage to buildings, landscaping, etc. In Arizona, all of these minimum amounts are relatively low. It’s generally recommended to get more than the minimum. 

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

Coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists must be added to your auto insurance. However, you can talk to your insurance agent to remove these from your insurance. It’s generally recommended that you keep them, as accidents with these motorists are common, but you don’t have to leave these coverages on your policy. 

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If you aren’t sure how much auto insurance you need, call us at the Insurance Center of Green Valley in Green Valley, AZ.