My neighbor’s tree fell onto my house; who is responsible for the damage?

Owning a home is a great comfort and responsible homeowners take great care to make sure that they keep their property well-maintained and in safe working order. Unfortunately, there are some irresponsible owners out there who aren’t as careful, and their neglect can cause damage to their neighbors.  It is important to contact your agent right away after such an event to learn what your rights and responsibilities are. The team at Insurance Center of Green Valley is here to help protect your Green Valley, AZ home from harm no matter the cause.

Who is responsible if a neighbor’s tree damages my home?

Determining responsibility for tree damage isn’t always as straightforward as you would like to think. There are many different factors to consider, and your agent can help you work through the process to make sure that you aren’t held liable for something that isn’t your responsibility. If there is a natural disaster that causes the tree to fall or be uprooted, it may be treated differently than if the tree was neglected and diseased and the damage was preventable. 

Because of these differences in policy protection, it makes sense to work closely with your insurance agent to determine who is at fault and how to move forward from there. If it is determined that you are liable for the damage to your house, your agent can help you file a claim. 

Take care of your family home with the right insurance policy. If you are in the greater Green Valley, AZ area and want to learn more about your home insurance policy options, contact the team at the Insurance Center of Green Valley today for a consultation. We look forward to working with you and your family!

Assessing Your Risks For Commercial Insurance

When buying commercial insurance for your Green Valley, AZ business, it comes down to a few basic questions:

  • What do you need to protect
  • What protections are required by local, state and federal regulation, and
  • How much can you cover out of pocket

When assessing risk, most business owners will immediately be thinking along the lines of the property. Certainly, you want to be protected against theft, vandalism and other damages. But the big risk for business owners is a liability.

A restaurant can replace a microwave or blender damaged in a small fire, but the costs involved in a lawsuit should someone be injured on your property or by one of your products can sink a thriving business.

Computer security is another big risk that many business owners neglect to consider. Running a business from a laptop or with a network of remote freelancers is certainly an option in this day and age, but just because you don’t have a physical store doesn’t mean that you have nothing at risk. A breach of customers’ private data owing to cybercrime or simple negligence can be a catastrophically expensive problem to correct.

Your unique risks come down to the nature of your business, and whether you manage a hundred employees or it’s just you, there’s always going to be something that you need to consider.

If you want to get covered on a policy that works for you, that covers your business’ risks, get in touch with Insurance Center of Green Valley and we’ll help to get you set up with an insurance plan that will cover everything you’ve worked so hard to build.