Am I covered for natural disasters or “Acts of God” in Green Valley, AZ?

If you own property in Green Valley, Arizona, it is important to make sure that your insurance coverage will protect you from natural disasters. Droughts, lightning, and thunderstorms are among the disasters that can destroy your property and set you back financially if you don’t have the right type of coverage.

How Natural Disasters Affect Your Policy

Whether you are purchasing insurance for your car or home, purchasing the minimum will likely leave you without protection in the case of a natural disaster. Green Valley is known for its monsoons, and it doesn’t take a record-breaking year of rainfall to flood your home or destroy your vehicle. With risks like this in the area, you need to be proactive to receive protection. Most insurance companies only include coverage for these events with a comprehensive plan or a special rider to your policy.

The term "acts of God" is also a point of confusion for covered policyholders. An act of God is an extreme disaster, such as lightning or an earthquake, that leads to excessive damage to your property. Because these events are hard to predict, insurance companies typically exclude coverage for these types of natural disasters in your policy.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you find the right level of coverage to protect your property during a major disaster. We are trained to determine what constitutes as an act of God and what types of disasters will be included in your policy. We can also help you determine the type of disasters that especially impact Arizona residents.

Severe weather events can strike at any time, so don’t be caught without insurance that provides you with adequate protection from natural disasters. Contact us today to compare quotes from leading insurance companies to receive the best coverage.

How will I protect my employees in the event they are injured on the job in Green Valley, AZ?

If you operate a business of any size in Green Valley, Arizona, it is a good idea to carry insurance that protects your employees agaist on-the-job injuries. Whether you have one employee or one hundred employees, it only takes one accident to create liability for your business and set you back financially. So it’s important to keep your insurance up-to-date with liability or workers’ compensation coverage for your employees.

How to Protect Your Employees on the Job

The type of insurance that you need to protect your employees will depend on the type of business that you have. For a small home-based business, liability insurance might be sufficient for protecting you against liability and covering the medical costs of injured employees. Liability coverage can be added to almost any commercial insurance plan.

If your business involved a hazardous occupation or hires several employees, the law might require you to carry workers’ compensation insurance. In cases where you need workers’ compensation insurance, the levels of coverage that you need will be outlined by state laws, which Insurance Center of Green Valley will help you navigate.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

When you own a business, it is always important to cut costs wherever you can. This is especially true when you are selecting a commercial insurance policy. Insurance Center of Green Valley carries commercial insurance from several policies so that you can compare quotes instantly and find the best rates on insurance for your organization.

An independent agent also can help you determine whether your employees are fully covered in the case of a workplace accident. Contact us today to provide full protection for your business and to make sure that your business is fully compliant with the law.

Do I need life insurance in Green Valley, AZ, if I am single?

You may not want to think about the need for life insurance, but it is coverage that no one should be without — even people who are single. Often, life insurance is marketed to families or people with dependents who rely on them for income. But a life policy is beneficial for single people too. Examples of ways life insurance money can be used include:

  • Debts – Many people have personal debts, whether for credit cards, medical bills, or loans from family or friends. Life insurance can help settle these debts in the event of your untimely passing.
  • Funeral Expenses – The cost of a casket, burial, funeral service, viewing, and transfers can soar into the thousands. In Sahuarita and Tucson, Arizona, these costs average more than $4,100.
  • Medical Bills – Often, an untimely death is followed by expensive medical bills. Being rushed to a medical facility or spending time in a hospital can leave behind burdensome coinsurance payments and deductibles that your parents, siblings, or other loved ones may be responsible for paying.
  • Legacy – Everyone has something they are aspiring to become or a cause they support. A premature death doesn’t have to mean that you cannot fulfill your wishes. The money from life insurance can be designated toward the cause of your choice — whether that be a charity or putting a niece or nephew through college.

Here at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we help clients discover life insurance needs they may otherwise be unaware of. Whether you are single, married, or have more complicated relationship statuses, we can help you find affordable coverage that will protect the people and causes closest to your heart long after you are gone. Get a free quote today from an independent agent who can help you compare premiums and policies from Arizona’s leading life insurance providers.

Now That my Business is Established in Green Valley, AZ, I Think it is Time to Offer my Employees Some Benefits. What do I Need to Know?

When you are starting up a business, you may not have the available funds to offer your employees benefits and insurance coverage. As your company grows and thrives, you may determine that it is time to start thinking about appropriate commercial insurance policies to address the needs of your employees in Green Valley, Arizona. Although you may be ready to offer coverage, it is important to learn about the options before you make any decisions on new policies.

Health Coverage

The cost of group health insurance policies for small to mid-sized companies can seem costly at first. That is because the price per person tends to reduce as you hire more employees and a larger number of individuals are added to the plan.

When it comes to health coverage for your employees, it is important to select a plan that is appropriate for the needs of your company as well as your employees. Take your time to compare options with the help of an agent so that you can find a reasonable rate.

Worker’s Compensation

It is usually a good idea to obtain worker’s compensation insurance. Even though it is not a direct benefit, it can help if your employees are injured on the job.

Life Insurance

In general, term life coverage is less costly because it has a specific time period that is covered. You can compare a variety of life insurance options before you make a decision about the best option for your employees.

Benefits are not only limited to insurance options, but having life insurance and health coverage can make your company attractive to potential employees. Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley to talk to an independent agent for more information.