Is It Time To Compare Homeowner’s Insurance?

Many homeowners in the Green Valley area may feel getting home insurance is a “one-and-done” type of process. Some also think that once you have it, you have satisfied your obligations to your lender and don’t need to worry about it again.

That is not true and could even be dangerous and financially risky.

At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we can help you monitor and keep your homeowner’s insurance adequate and up-to-date. Here are signs it may be time to review and update your home insurance.

You Notice Signs of Home Insurance Amnesia

Home insurance amnesia occurs when you’ve had your policy so long that you forget its limits, coverage, and perhaps even what you are paying. This is certainly a sign it is time for a review and price quote.

You Notice a Large Rate Increase

This is usually the most common time homeowners will reach out to compare.

The Value of Your Home Has Skyrocketed

What is your home worth now compared to when it was purchased? Many homes in the region have doubled or even tripled in value. Has your insurance kept up?

Have You Made Changes?

Have you made any significant improvements or added a pool, fence, or sunroom? Have you brought a dog into the family? These are all signals to get an insurance review and price quote on your home insurance.

You Are Unsure If You Are Paying Too Much

The only way to be sure you are not overpaying for home insurance is to compare. If it has been more than a year or two since you’ve shopped around, it’s time.

Contact Us to Compare Today

At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, AZ, we can help review your current coverage and ensure it is sufficient. We can also provide an updated quote so you know what you are paying for. There is no cost and no obligation, but it is up to you.

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Signs You Need More Residential Insurance Coverage

Assessing Your Residential Insurance Policy

Any homeowner must conduct an assessment of insurance coverage to ensure it is current and adequate. Right now could be the perfect time to perform such an assessment. The following tips help you ascertain if your policy needs modifications. If you reside in Green Valley, AZ, and find your policy needs adjustments, consult with our agents at the Insurance Center of Green Valley.

Protection Against Crime

Victimization through criminal activity can lead to substantial costs. If you’ve been the recipient of theft and your insurance coverage falls short, you might have had to pay out-of-pocket expenses. Modifying your existing policy for future scenarios will ensure that any costs, including repairs or replacements related to criminal activities, are covered.

Guarding Against Natural Damage

Natural calamities like floods, high winds, ice storms, and others can wreak havoc on your home. Lack of proper insurance can lead to financial setbacks. Your insurance policy should cover such events, preparing you for the unexpected.

Theft Coverage

Theft from your property can result in a financial burden as you’re responsible for replacing stolen items. Securing insurance coverage will dismiss out-of-pocket costs should theft occur on your property. Evaluate your possessions to determine coverage needs, particularly stressing on valuable items.

Contact our Team!

Your residential property deserves adequate protection for as long as you reside there. Reach out to our agents at the Insurance Center of Green Valley for your home insurance policy update needs.

The Importance of Having Your Roof Inspected Once Winter Is Over

At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we understand the value of preemptive home maintenance tasks as the winter chills dissipate. A prime focus for residents in the larger Green Valley, AZ area should be post-winter roof inspection. Here’s why:

Overcoming Winter Damage

Cold winters are associated with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures that may severely impact your roof. A post-winter inspection enables prompt identification and rectification of any damage caused by snow buildup, ice dams, or the freeze-thaw cycle.

Preventing Leaks and Water Damage

Damaged roofs become prime spots for leaks, leading to potentially expensive water damage. Timely inspections after winter help identify weak sections, loose shingles, or damaged flashing that could affect your roof’s integrity.

Preserving Roof Longevity

Through regular maintenance, including inspections after winter, you can extend your roof’s lifespan. Immediate identification and addressing minor issues avert their evolvement into serious problems requiring extensive repairs or roof replacement.

Securing Insurance Coverage

Many home insurance policies cover winter-induced damages. Ordinary claims may be declined if attributed to neglect or lack of maintenance. Conducting post-winter roof inspections and promptly addressing any resulting issues enhances your insurance coverage’s validity in case of a claim.

If you require home insurance, the Insurance Center of Green Valley can assist. Contact us today to learn more about our broad home insurance solutions available in the larger Green Valley, AZ, area.

Have You Updated Your Home Insurance Lately?

If you haven’t made any updates to your home insurance policy, it could be time to work with an agent to ensure you’re up to date. At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we’re committed to helping everyone in the Green Valley, AZ, area get the right insurance policies for their homes. We can also work with you on updates to your policy, so you have the confidence and peace of mind you need to feel good about the safety and security of your home.

Whether you just bought a new house or you’ve lived there for a long time, having the right coverage is essential. It can protect you if you have a claim and keep you from worrying about problems that can arise. The goal is to ensure that your biggest asset is adequately protected, but your needs can change over time. You don’t have to settle for the same level of coverage you had years ago, especially if you’ve made significant improvements to your home over time.

When you make significant changes to your home or life, updating all your insurance policies to reflect that is a critical way to know that you’re covered as well as you need to be. No matter what changes you’ve made, from updating your house to moving to a new one, it would be best to have a policy reflecting the protection level you deserve. Reviewing your policy once per year and at any point when you have a significant life event can keep you more fully prepared.

Contact us at the Insurance Center of Green Valley today if you’re in the Green Valley, AZ, area and looking for home insurance. We can help you update your policy for security and peace of mind.

How many perils do you need home insurance to cover?

Home insurance offers 10, 15, or all-perils coverage. Homeowners have three choices in levels of coverage from their Green Valley, AZ home insurance – HO-1, HO-2, or HO-3. Which does your Arizona home need?

At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we recommend the full coverage that an HO-3 provides. Read on to find out why.

About Named Peril Policies

HO-1 and HO-2 policies provide named peril protection. That means if the policy specifically names an event as something it covers, then the policy pays out if it happens and you file a claim.

An HO-1 policy protects ten perils:

  • Aircraft damage
  • Fire, smoke, explosion
  • Lightning
  • Riots and civil commotion
  • Theft
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief
  • Vehicle-caused damage
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Windstorm
  • Hail.

It provides no liability coverage or personal property coverage.

An HO-2 policy covers 16 perils – the 10 in an HO-1, plus the following six:

  • Falling objects
  • Weight of snow, sleet, and/or ice
  • Flood or accidental discharge caused by HVAC or appliances
  • Accidental damage to HVAC or water heaters
  • Freezing of water lines of any household system
  • Power surge damage.

HO-2 policies also typically include liability and personal property.

HO-3: The All-Perils Policy

An HO-3 policy covers all perils, even things that no one invented yet. Unlike named peril policies, no matter what happens to a home covered by an HO-3 policy, the policy covers it. It includes coverage for liability and personal property; some policies provide for loss of use.

Choosing All-Perils Coverage

At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we recommend that Green Valley, AZ, homeowners choose HO-3 coverage to protect their homes best. If you have a mortgage, HO-1 coverage won’t meet the criteria for homeowner’s insurance. Why not enjoy the full protection provided by an HO-3 policy? Contact our office today to start your home policy.

Four challenges you may face when you buy home insurance

Choosing the right home insurance policy is essential. At the same time, a lot of homeowners in Green Valley, AZ face some challenges when they’re buying insurance for their property. 

At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we can help consumers with any challenges they face when acquiring coverage. Here are four challenges you may face when you buy home insurance. 

Needing to make repairs before an insurance provider will insure your property

Sometimes, homeowners need to invest in their property before finding an insurance company to cover them. If you live in an older home or a home that has experienced damage, you might need to invest in repairs or add new, modern safety features to your home before you can get insurance. 

Being unaware of the limitations of standard home insurance

There are some home insurance limits that homeowners should be aware of. For example, you should be aware that standard home insurance doesn’t cover you for earthquake or flood damage. 

Having a lot of questions about how home insurance works

If you’re buying home insurance for the first time, you probably have some questions. You need to find the answers to these questions by discussing them with your home insurance provider before you buy a policy. 

Not knowing whether you need home insurance or not

Every homeowner can benefit from having home insurance. Some homeowners are required by their mortgage lenders to carry home insurance. You should take it as a given that home insurance is necessary even if you’ve already paid off your mortgage. 

Do you need help meeting your Green Valley, AZ home insurance needs? We’re here to help at the Insurance Center of Green Valley. Call us today to learn more about insuring your home to protect your finances. 

Essential Home Insurance Coverage: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Your Green Valley, AZ home is a significant asset; you want to protect and take good care of it. One of the ways to do that is through home insurance. But how much coverage do you need? What kinds of coverage details are essential, and what are some that you might not need to worry about? The best way to get answers to those questions is to work with the Insurance Center of Green Valley.

If your home is financed, your lender will require you to have a home insurance policy and a particular level of coverage. That way, they’re protected if something should happen to your home. But you also want to be protected, and you might have more in or around your home than you’re officially required to cover.

Essential coverage will cover all the basics, like fires and other significant events. You want to be sure you have the right level of this protection, though, so you can make repairs or even replace your home in case of a total loss. Having a trusted insurance agent help you with this process is the right way to get valuable coverage that meets all your needs.

When you’re unsure what changes you want to make to your policy or whether it’s time to adjust your home insurance to protect your assets, working with the Insurance Center of Green Valley is the right choice. We understand that your Green Valley, AZ home is essential to you, and we want to be sure you’re covered for potential risks. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind while you spend time in your home with your family or when relaxing on a quiet day off work.

Three Most Destructive Pest Infestations

Pest infestations can take a toll on your home and can even affect your home’s overall value. To keep your home safe from pests, you need to know what to be on the lookout for. Here at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we want to help homeowners in Green Valley, AZ, and the surrounding areas keep their homes in tip-top condition. Keep reading to learn more about the three most destructive types of pest infestations. 


It is probably no surprise that termites are top of our list. Termites are insects that feast on wood and burrow into the wooden structures of your home. When left unchecked, termites can devastate your home’s value and even your home’s safety. Wooden structures weakened through termites can crumble or fall, endangering you and your family members. 

Catching a termite infestation early is vital before the destruction has gotten too bad. If you suspect termites in your home, contact a pest expert immediately. 


Bees are surprisingly a destructive pest as well. Carpenter bees can burrow into wooden structures in your home and cause damage. They often attack porches, doorways, patios, decks, and outdoor wooden structures such as play sets or barns. This can create a safety risk as the weakened structures can fall. A pest control expert can help you get rid of carpenter bees quickly. 


Rodents are also a hazard to your home due to the fact that they will gnaw on critical things such as wood, wiring, and even insulation. Rodents also pose a health risk to you and your family as well. 

If you want to learn about our home insurance products, please contact us at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ, and the surrounding areas. 

Three Ways To Protect Your Home From Pests

There are so many different things that can threaten our home, including the smallest of pests. At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ, and the surrounding areas, we want to help you defend your home on all fronts. Keep reading to learn ways to protect your home from pests. 

Don’t Ignore Infestations

If you start to see any signs of infestations, take care of them immediately. Pests will not simply go away on their own. Many pests, such as termites, will only grow worse over time. It may be tempting to ignore the problem and hope it resolves itself, but this is not a wise move and will likely cost you more money in the long run. 

Use Professionals 

It is always advisable to use professional pest control when you have a pest issue. These professionals will be able to properly assess the extent of the problem and provide services that will eliminate the pests quickly. Professionals also have access to products and equipment that you would not be able to access as well. Licensed pest control experts can use certain products because they are trained and certified to do so safely. Regular homeowners will not be able to access these types of products and therefore could not do as thorough of a job. 

Annual Checkups

Having your home evaluated annually for pests is also a good idea. This allows you to get ahead of the problem before an infestation starts. 

If you would like to learn about home insurance services, please get in touch with us at The Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ, and the surrounding areas.  

Get Home Insurance – Don’t Leave Your Most Valuable Asset Unprotected

Are you a homeowner in the Green Valley, AZ area?

The Insurance Center of Green Valley can provide the coverage you need for your most valuable asset.

Why is it important to have this coverage? It protects the home and personal property. In the event of a total loss, insurance becomes the primary source of the funds needed to rebuild. It will also provide liability coverage for any legal action resulting from injuries or damage to your property by another person.

One of the most critical aspects of homeowners insurance is the level of coverage. The most common coverage level is HO-2, which protects against 16 events outlined in the policy.

“My home is paid for. Why do I need homeowners insurance?” If someone is injured on your property, or if a weather event causes damage to your home, any associated costs will need to be paid by you out-of-pocket. These resulting costs can sometimes be relatively high and can result in the loss of a home or create financial ruin.

If your home has a mortgage, the lender will require you to have enough insurance to protect their investment in the property. They will also require that they be listed as the property’s lien holders.

If you allow the insurance to cancel, the bank will obtain a force-placed insurance policy on the property, which is quite costly, to protect them against any possible risk of loss.

The most common type of coverage is replacement cost coverage. It pays to repair or replace your property. The insurer will pay you for the repairs or to replace your property.

If you are a homeowner, you will need this important coverage. The Insurance Center of Green Valley can provide this. Contact our office today.