What to Do When You Do Not Have Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something that you need to legally have in the state of Arizona if you are the owner and operator of a vehicle. Because of the law, you may be wondering what you need to do if you do not have auto insurance in Green Valley, AZ. Luckily, the answer is a pretty simple one and we can help you here at the Insurance Center of Green Valley. 

When it comes down to it, the only thing that you really need to do is get an auto insurance policy. This may seem complicated if you have never purchased your own policy before or if you currently do not have coverage when you should but we are here to help walk you through the steps. 

You need to make sure that you get a policy that will meet the minimum state requirements by law. This is usually pretty simple because most insurance companies would not sell you a policy that did not meet these requirements. However, it is still something good to check on before you move any further with the process. 

Once you know that part is covered, you can add on more coverage if you want but you are not required to. If you do not want to, it is simply a matter of paying for the policy and making it effective. 

Now that you know what you need to do, it is time to get started. Be sure to reach out to us here at Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ, to get started on your auto insurance policy today. We will make sure that the policy you choose meets the minimum requirements of the state and we will also work with your budget. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover the Cost of Cleanup After Fire?

A fire is one of the last things that a business owner wants to deal with at their business. What might seem like something that not all businesses need to worry about, fire is actually quite common in many different commercial locations. Fire is just half the issue, cleanup is where large bills and long time lines for recovery start to pop up. If you live in the Green Valley, AZ area, the agents with Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you find a policy that protects you from nearly anything you could ever deal with.

When a commercial property experiences fire, a great deal of cleanup is involved. In most cases, your commercial insurance policy is going to cover the cost of fire damage cleanup if it is through one of their approved cleanup services. This allows the insurance company a chance to know that the work is being done, that it is being done well, and that it is being done right and they can track what work has been completed. Your commercial policy is going to cover a great deal of cleanup as it falls under the repair of the building and getting your business back to working order after a disaster occurs. You can find out more about what your policy covers by taking the time to review it and speak with an agent.

For those that live in the Green Valley, AZ, the agents with the Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you to find the right policy for you and for your business so that you can be sure you are fully covered. Fire can be devastating and can cause a huge amount of issue with many aspects of your business. A good policy can make a world of difference.