Keeping Your Auto Insurance Up to Date

The dangers of car accidents in Green Valley, AZ make it essential for residents to keep their insurance up to date. Talk to us at Insurance Center of Green Valley if you need to take any of these steps to keep your policy current and as high-quality as possible.

Set Up Automatic Payments

Talk to your insurance provider to set up automatic payments. Doing so helps to minimize the risk of lapses that may occur if you miss your payments otherwise. Always make sure that you have enough money in your account by budgeting carefully and knowing what to expect in this situation.

Understand Legal Changes

At various times, states change their insurance laws in ways that may affect you. Pay attention to these changes and do what you can to upgrade your policy. For instance, you should talk with your provider to see what changes you need to make and do what you can to minimize any mistakes.

Add New Drivers

Do you have teens who may end up driving your vehicle? Talk to your policy provider about what you need to do to add them to your protection. In most cases, people in your house are implicitly covered. However, you can also add your teen’s vehicle to your insurance coverage to protect them.

Expand Your Protection

Don’t hesitate to improve your policy by adding new types of coverage. For instance, you can add various types of accident protection and even comprehensive policies to protect you in case of more severe and long-term vehicle damage issues.

Take Control of Your Insurance

Protect your vehicle and your family in Green Valley, AZ, by calling us at Insurance Center of Green Valley right away. We’ll do what we can to ensure that your policy extends as far as necessary and will take the time to work with you and your family.

Your Auto Insurance: What Is Not Covered

Car accidents in and around Green Valley, AZ, frequently happen and can be very upsetting. For example, you may discover things that your standard car insurance policy does not protect. Here are a few things we at Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you better understand.

Belongings in Your Vehicle

Like most people, you probably have many belongings in your vehicle at any time. Unfortunately, these items are typically not covered by your policy. Things that might get damaged include sporting equipment, electronics, laptops, and anything else that you have stored in there.

Natural Damage

Carefully read your policy to see what kind of natural damage may be covered. Some procedures will protect against specific types of natural wear. But if these disasters are not explicitly listed in your policy, you won’t be protected. Seriously considering adding them to avoid problems.

Non-Covered Drivers Handling Your Car

You borrowed your car to somebody who isn’t explicitly listed on your policy (or who doesn’t live at your address, as all who live with you should be implicitly covered), and they crash it. Your insurance does not cover the damage. Be very careful about who uses your vehicle!

Common Wear and Tear

Did your car’s tires wear down to nothing due to everyday use? Your policy will not cover replacement because this is considered ordinary wear and tear. Similarly, any problems caused by wear and tear will not be covered in your policy. So be careful about your policy options here.

Keep Yourself Protected

If you live in Green Valley, AZ and need an excellent insurance policy, contact us at Insurance Center of Green Valley right away to learn more. We’ll help you identify any potential problems with your policy and set you up with one that makes the most sense for your needs.