In Green Valley, AZ, Is Pest Infestation Covered on My Home Insurance Policy?

A pest infestation is not usually covered on a Green Valley, AZ, home insurance policy. Here’s why: the state of Arizona considers pest infestations to be preventable and to fall under the category of regular home maintenance problems rather than disasters. So, as homeowners, it’s best to keep pests at bay from the very beginning – but expect to pay for pest control services without the assistance of your insurance provider. In some cases, you can obtain a sort of insurance through a pest control company. For termites, some companies offer a termite bond that covers you for termite damage if it occurs in spite of the regular home inspections and treatments you commit to.

Although pest infestation is normally excluded from the events covered by Arizona policies, there can be a grey area when it comes to some of the damage related to an infestation. For example, if a beam collapses and causes the roof of your house to cave in, it’s possible that some of the damage could be covered. If the beam’s wood was compromised by termites but the roof itself wasn’t, then the beam wouldn’t be covered but the roof may be. However, that depends on the details of the policy and how they’re interpreted.

It’s best to tackle the pest problem before it becomes severe, even though this often means doing so independently of your home insurance coverage. And a pest infestation doesn’t necessarily mean termites – birds, raccoons, rats, and bats are among the other pests that could invade your home and should be removed promptly. Red ants, scorpions, and spiders are also potential pests to be on high alert for in Green Valley. Do your best to prevent damage from pests, and ask your independent agent if you need information on your particular policy and its stipulations regarding pest infestation.

What type of insurance should I choose in Tucson, AZ, if I use my home for commercial purposes?

Known as a business-friendly community, Tucson, Arizona can be a great place to start a home-based business. However, if you plan on using your home for commercial purposes, it is important to obtain the right type of insurance. Insurance is crucial for protecting your home business against loss and liability.

Reasons to Insure Your Home Business

Running a business at home opens of the potential for loss or liability issues. A fire or flood could damage the equipment that you use to conduct your business. A home daycare provider or professional who works with clients may encounter an accident that leads to a lawsuit. Or a professional giving advice may be sued for negligence for making an honest error. These scenarios are not covered under the typical homeowner’s insurance policy. Instead, you will need additional coverage that specifically covers the risks that are unique to your business.

The Benefits of Home-Based Business Insurance

If you freelance or operate a small business from home, full commercial coverage is probably inappropriate for the scope of your business. Instead, you will likely find the coverage that you need with home-based business insurance. This form of coverage allows you to add riders to your homeowner’s insurance to cover the risks of your business, such as property damage, and professional liability. The biggest advantage of home-based business insurance is that it can be modified so that it only covers the risks that pertain to your business.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

If your business is a bit more complex, you may require extended forms of liability coverage. An independent agent can help you identify the risks that you should prioritize and obtain a policy that covers those risks. Contact us today to speak with an agent who can help you protect your business with the right insurance coverage.

In Sahuarita, AZ, Will my auto insurance premium reduce if I hire an experienced chauffeur to drive my car?

Auto Insurance companies in Sahuarita, Arizona do take into consideration as who will be driving the car that you are insuring and it can have an effect on the premium you pay. If, for example you have a wife and two children of legal driving age in your household, your premium may be a little higher than if you were the only person who would ever drive the car.

You can not lower your rates on Arizona auto insurance by hiring an experienced chauffeur to drive you around Sahuarita because you are the named insured. In order to register a car in Texas in your name, you need to show that you have the required auto insurance. You can not get cheaper insurance by saying that you have a professional driver who has a spotless driving record.

About the only way that you can get around Arizona insurance rules and regulations is if you were to purchase a car for your chauffeur and then have the car insured in your chauffeur’s name. Of course you would have no ownership rights in the vehicle and the premium of the auto insurance policy would depend on the chauffeur’s personal driving record and other factors that determine the rates for insurance.

When auto insurance companies sell a policy, they base their rates on several different factors. The vehicle itself accounts for a portion of the total premium and the driving record and risk presented by the driver accounts for the remainder of the premium. Full coverage on a brand new $50,000 car will cost you more than a $20,000 vehicle because if it is stolen, or totaled, it will result in a larger claim against the insurer.

As your independent agent, we understand that it is tough out there and everyone wants to pay lower premiums. Give us a call and let us review your current policy. Many times, we can find a way to reduce your overall auto insurance costs.

Is There a One-Stop Service for Auto Insurance Quotes in Green Valley, AZ?

We know you’d rather spend your time exploring the desert landscape here in Green Valley,Arizona, shopping in Tucson, or planning your next trip to Mexico than collecting auto insurancequotes. As independent agents, we provide a one-stop service for quotes. We take your basic information and apply our knowledge of Green Valley’s insurance providers and policies to gatherquotes that are tailored to your needs. Each independent agent takes the time to get to know his client, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for what you need. We do the looking for you, and our expertise allows us to streamline the process, getting good results and saving you time. Our goal is to make using an agent like taking a shortcut to get to your destination. We’ll show you the options that appear to be on the right track and help you evaluate quotes to make your final selection.

Many of our Green Valley clients want to save money in addition to saving time by using the one-stop auto insurance quote service at our insurance center. We can help you determine which policies and rates are truly a good value. We often remind people that discovering an adequate amount of coverage for a reasonable rate can be much better in the long run than spending very little but having very little coverage. To find the best value, quotes can be collected and compared using your recommended coverage types and limits. As an independent agent, we also know that some people will qualify for discounts or could qualify for discounts with a few simple steps. Some of the questions we ask you at the beginning of the process will help us match you with the providers that offer these discounts. Our one-stop shop gets your quotes, so you can get your car on the road with the right auto insurance.