In Green Valley, AZ, Is Pest Infestation Covered on My Home Insurance Policy?

A pest infestation is not usually covered on a Green Valley, AZ, home insurance policy. Here’s why: the state of Arizona considers pest infestations to be preventable and to fall under the category of regular home maintenance problems rather than disasters. So, as homeowners, it’s best to keep pests at bay from the very beginning – but expect to pay for pest control services without the assistance of your insurance provider. In some cases, you can obtain a sort of insurance through a pest control company. For termites, some companies offer a termite bond that covers you for termite damage if it occurs in spite of the regular home inspections and treatments you commit to.

Although pest infestation is normally excluded from the events covered by Arizona policies, there can be a grey area when it comes to some of the damage related to an infestation. For example, if a beam collapses and causes the roof of your house to cave in, it’s possible that some of the damage could be covered. If the beam’s wood was compromised by termites but the roof itself wasn’t, then the beam wouldn’t be covered but the roof may be. However, that depends on the details of the policy and how they’re interpreted.

It’s best to tackle the pest problem before it becomes severe, even though this often means doing so independently of your home insurance coverage. And a pest infestation doesn’t necessarily mean termites – birds, raccoons, rats, and bats are among the other pests that could invade your home and should be removed promptly. Red ants, scorpions, and spiders are also potential pests to be on high alert for in Green Valley. Do your best to prevent damage from pests, and ask your independent agent if you need information on your particular policy and its stipulations regarding pest infestation.