Does Premium Increase if my Vehicle’s Windshield is Damaged in Green Valley, Arizona?

Windshield damage can occur at unexpected times. It may occur during an accident, as the result of the weather or even due to a tree branch falling on the windshield. Regardless of the reason that the damage occurs, the impact on your premium can vary.

Repairs by the Company

When a car insurance company pays for the damages to the vehicle, it may result in an increased monthly payment. If you make a claim on your insurance it means that you are explaining the situation to the company. When that happens, you may discover that the accident or the situation will increase your premium in Green Valley, Arizona.

Differences Between Companies

Although auto insurance rates may increase when you make a formal claim, the exact impact and the amount that you pay each month may vary. In some cases, the changes are minor and you will not see a dramatic impact on your premium. In other cases, you will see an obvious difference in the price.

Each company is different, so the exact impact on your auto insurance premium may vary. Some companies may even offer a forgiveness plan that prevents your premium from increasing, even when you are involved in an accident. That means that the exact details of when your premium is impacted by the policy may vary. You may or may not see an increase to your premium.

Car insurance policies are not the same, so each company can offer a variety of options when you are protecting your vehicle. Depending on the situation and your policy, the impact on your premium may vary. While some insurers may increase the premium, others may forgive the first incident without an increased rate. To learn more about the impact of vehicle damage to your policy, contact us to talk to an independent agent.