Who Needs Conprehensive Coverage?

For those located in the Green Valley, AZ area, driving a car is a practical necessity. When driving a car in the area, having the minimum amount of liability insurance coverage in place at all times is a requirement by law. While the state minimums in Arizona require you to have liability coverage, they do not provide coverage for your vehicle. One additional type of coverage that people should consider getting is comprehensive insurance. This type of insurance will provide coverage in the event your car is stolen, vandalized, or if you are involved in an accident with an animal. There are several situations in which you should have comprehensive coverage.

Valuable Car

One of the most important situations in which you will need to have comprehensive coverage in place is you have a valuable car.  Buying a car is a very big investment and purchase. Because of this, you will need to make sure it is properly covered. If your car is too expensive to replace out of pocket, having the additional coverage in place is a necessity. In a situation of theft or damage, you will receive full reimbursement minus your deductible.  

Loan Requirements

If you took out a loan to buy your car, your lender will likely require you to carry comprehensive insurance. To ensure you are in compliance with the loan, you will need to have comprehensive insurance coverage equal to at least the amount of your outstanding loan balance.  

When you are looking to build an auto insurance policy, contacting the Insurance Center of Green Valley is a great option. The Insurance Center of Green Valley is able to help Green Valley, AZ area residents better understand their auto insurance needs. They can then help anyone get into a policy that provides the right types of coverage.  

Which kinds of insurance do I need most for my business?

Even before the first day you open the door for business, you need to start preparing to protect yourself from risk. A single accident or natural disaster could destroy your company if you don’t have the right level of protection. If you live in or around Green Valley, AZ, you can talk to the Insurance Center of Green Valley about these important kinds of business insurance.

  • Property Insurance — This coverage will protect the building and its contents including signage, equipment, furniture, and supplies. 
  • Business Interruption — If there is a disaster or other major unforeseen event, your business may not be able to operate for a period of time. Business interruption insurance will help replace the loss of income you suffer during that time.
  • General Liability — If someone is injured on your property or because of your products, a general liability policy will compensate the victim for any medical bills or property damage and pay for the cost of any litigation you incur as a result.
  • Product Liability Insurance — If your business creates products for sale on the open market, you will need to protect yourself from any claims that people were harmed by them.
  • Automobile Insurance — If your company owns, hires or leases vehicles that are used to conduct business, you need to at least have commercial automobile liability insurance to protect them and any third parties who may become involved in crashes.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance — To protect employees, you can purchase a policy that will pay their medical bills and lost wages if they are hurt on the job.

Your business in Green Valley, AZ will have its own needs, so call the Insurance Center of Green Valley today to make a plan that best protects your business.