Do You Have the Right Insurance for Your Home or Car? Insurance Center of Green Valley Can Help

Experiencing a flood, fire damage, or a vehicle accident can be traumatizing and overwhelming dealing with the process of working with your current insurance agency. Working with a professional organization such as Insurance Center of Green Valley serving Green Valley, AZ is a way to get the most out of your insurance policy or assist you with investing in a policy that works for you and your family.

What Insurance Center of Green Valley Has to Offer

Insurance Center of Green Valley, Located in Green Valley, AZ works with clients to determine the best route for purchasing the insurance you require. Whether you are seeking homeowner’s insurance, vehicle insurance, or even commercial insurance it is possible to obtain protection with the assistance of our professionals. It is important to remember the rules and laws in Arizona before purchasing your insurance. All individuals with a license to drive are also required to have valid insurance for their vehicle while operating their motor vehicle. 

Why is Insurance Important?

Having both homeowner’s insurance and vehicle insurance is a way to protect yourself in the case of a home fire or an accident while you are on the road. Insurance on the home or the vehicles you own should always have insurance in order to avoid fault during an accident or losing your home and all items within it without the ability to rebuild or purchase a new home with the proper insurance.

Talking to one of our agents is a way for you to discuss your options in regards to insurance to find a plan that is most suitable for you and your family. Additionally, we help to protect commercial properties with insurance to ensure all assets are protected in potentially dangerous situations such as a fire or complete damage to the building or location of your commercial building. Calling the Insurance Center of Green Valley to receive quotes and the benefits of obtaining insurance for any purpose is a way to gain peace of mind by protecting your property and assets.


Will Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Heat Roof Damage?

In Green Valley, AZ, it isn’t uncommon for temperatures to peak in the high 100s during the summer. This heat can do a real number on your roof and can lead to water leaks that can quickly spread through your home. Does home insurance cover this type of damage? That’s a question that we at Insurance Center Of Green Valley are prepared to answer.

How Heat Damages Roofs

Although most roofing tiles are strong enough to withstand severe Green Valley, AZ heat, it can still be damaged in a rather roundabout method. Excessive heat causes the tar paper underneath of your tiles to become very dry. This makes it brittle and can even cause it to crack and flake away from your roof. When this happens, your tiles will have cracks around them that will let in water.

Unfortunately, when rain finally does comes to the state, it will then wash through these cracks and severely damage your roof. This is especially true if your roof is nearing 10-15 years old, as this is typically the lifespan of most tar paper. While proper ventilation can help decrease your roof temperature, it may not completely prevent damage.

Will Home Insurance Cover This Damage?

The answer here is a little complex. Most insurance policies won’t cover heat damage caused directly to your tiles, as the impact on the tiles is typically negligible. As a result, most policies just don’t include that kind of coverage.

However, if you notice that the tar paper on your roof is damaged and that your tiles are peeling, excessive heat may be covered, as long as you can prove that’s what caused the problem. Most likely, though, your insurance will only kick-in when your roof is damaged by water, as water damage is covered by most home insurance policies.

Learning More

If you’re worried about the impact that heat will have on your roof, please contact us at Insurance Center Of Green Valley to learn more about how home insurance can protect it..