Can home insurance be cancelled due to a swing set in an unfenced backyard?

Putting in a backyard swing set can seem like a great way to surprise the children and give them a safe place to play, but it can also come with certain liability risks if your yard is not surrounded by a fence. As a result, homeowners insurance companies in Green Valley, AZ may cancel your policy if you put a swing set in the unfenced backyard.

Liability Risks

The primary reason that your policy may be canceled if you have a swing set and do not put in a fence is the possible liability concerns. Children can get onto your property and play on the swing set without adult supervision. You may come home to discover that a child has been injured when you weren’t even on the property. As a result, the risk of being sued is very high.

Insurance Cancelation

Homeowners insurance may be discontinued if you do not put in a fence due to the high level of risk associated with the situation. While you can discuss the problem with your insurer and the company may maintain your coverage if you put in a fence, you should be aware that the liability concerns are the main problem associated with the situation.

Some insurance companies may allow you to maintain coverage, but may put in a clause so that any injuries on the swing set will not be covered or you may be required to purchase additional liability coverage.

There are situations that cannot be overlooked when it comes to liability risks. While a swing set might seem like a great way to keep your children safe and encourage them to play, it is also a potential risk that may result in the loss of coverage. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information.

Is TV covered under home owners insurance?

Confusion often surrounds home owners insurance–particularly those specific products that are or aren’t covered and accidental damage provisions. So what about that oversized, hyper-state-of-the-art LCD TV you just bought? If you send your Wii remote flying and shatter your $3,000 home theater, is there any chance your home insurance will cover it? The answer isn’t necessarily simple.

Does standard home owners insurance cover TV damage?

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies generally cover some household items up to a certain limit. However, unless your policy has specific provisions covering accidental damage, chances are it won’t cover any accidents caused by negligence–including throwing your Wii controller through your TV screen. Like flood insurance, that type of coverage isn’t standard.

What you need to know about accidental coverage

But there is a type of insurance that will cover those damages. It’s called accidental coverage insurance, and it’s designed to protect you against just that: something non-deliberate that damages your home or possessions inside it. It’s kind of like a comprehensive auto insurance policy–for your home. Be careful when you’re choosing a policy; some items are almost always excluded, like portable electronics (so be extra-careful with the laptop) and clothing. If you’ve purchased an accidental damage policy, though, chances are good your new TV is covered. You’ll just need to double-check your policy to make sure.

Finding the best deal on accidental coverage policies

If you’re interested in purchasing accidental coverage for your home, you’ll find that one of the best sources of information available is an independent agent in AZ, whether you live in Green Valley or Tucson. These agents know the risks specific to the communities in Arizona, and they’ll be able to ask relevant questions about your home and family to make sure you have the protection you need without paying for over-the-top unnecessary coverage.

Does the type of car I drive affect my insurance rate?

A lot of factors go into selecting a new (or new-to-you) vehicle. What does it look like? What color is it? What kind of gas mileage does it get? Is it safe? Is it comfortable for long road trips? If you live in Green Valley or elsewhere in AZ, you probably want to know how well the air conditioning works, too.

These are all standard questions to ask when looking at purchasing a vehicle. But many car buyers don’t think about how their new car will affect their insurance rates.

It’s common sense that a high-end luxury car or sports car will increase your insurance premiums. But some older, standard vehicles can cause your out-of-pocket expenses to skyrocket, too.

Things that affect insurance rate

Your driving record, age, and even your marital status can cause your insurance premiums to change dramatically. But the type of car you purchase can, too. Here’s a quick list of considerations that actuaries take into consideration:

  • size of motor
  • body type
  • age of vehicle
  • crash-test ratings
  • safety features

How to find out for sure which car will be the best deal

You can compare quotes online to find out how expensive (or inexpensive!) your premiums would be for cars you’re considering. Some insurance companies offer special deals for those who purchase new cars; even though new vehicles cost more to repair and replace, they’re often safer and more reliable than older vehicles, and insurance actuaries plug those variables into the formulas they use to calculate rates.

Whether you live in Sahuarita, Tucson, or somewhere in between, talking to a local independent agent is one of the best ways you can make sure you’ve got the information you need to make a smart purchase–of both insurance and a car. By doing your research before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll ensure that you’re not surprised with outrageously high insurance premiums later.

What kinds of discounts are available for Auto insurance?

Drivers need to be aware of the large number of discounts available for auto insurance policies. There is no reason for you to pay more than you have to. Check out some of these common ways to reduce your insurance premium.

Good Driver

You should be able to get a reduction in price for maintaining a good driving record. Good driving includes a lack of accidents and moving violations.

Number of Years With a Company

If you have been purchasing your insurance from one company for several years, ask if you can receive a discount. Loyalty is often rewarded.


If you have more than one policy, for example, a home or rental and an auto insurance plan, you should receive a discount. This also applies to having more than one vehicle.

Automatic Payments or Payment in Full

If you set up automatic payments, or pay your yearly premium in full, you may receive a discount. Just ask us, many companies will reduce your rate to save on billing costs.

Club or Organization Membership

Premium reductions are often available for membership in groups, clubs or organizations. You do need to ask to see what is available. Military members may also get a discounted rate on their insurance.

Defensive Driving Classes

Some companies provide a discount to drivers that have completed defensive driving classes.

Low Mileage and Equipment Discounts

If you only do a limited amount of driving each year, you may qualify for a premium reduction. The exact mileage varies, but it is worth asking about. Having additional safety features, including anti-lock brakes, can also save you money on your insurance rate.

Good Student

While insurers have different guidelines, if you have a student on your auto policy, a good grade average can reduce your costs.

We make it easy to find the best rates for your insurance with online comparison quotes. As your independent insurance agency for the Sahuarita and Tucson area, we are ready to help you get all the auto insurance discounts you deserve.