Is TV covered under home owners insurance?

Confusion often surrounds home owners insurance–particularly those specific products that are or aren’t covered and accidental damage provisions. So what about that oversized, hyper-state-of-the-art LCD TV you just bought? If you send your Wii remote flying and shatter your $3,000 home theater, is there any chance your home insurance will cover it? The answer isn’t necessarily simple.

Does standard home owners insurance cover TV damage?

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies generally cover some household items up to a certain limit. However, unless your policy has specific provisions covering accidental damage, chances are it won’t cover any accidents caused by negligence–including throwing your Wii controller through your TV screen. Like flood insurance, that type of coverage isn’t standard.

What you need to know about accidental coverage

But there is a type of insurance that will cover those damages. It’s called accidental coverage insurance, and it’s designed to protect you against just that: something non-deliberate that damages your home or possessions inside it. It’s kind of like a comprehensive auto insurance policy–for your home. Be careful when you’re choosing a policy; some items are almost always excluded, like portable electronics (so be extra-careful with the laptop) and clothing. If you’ve purchased an accidental damage policy, though, chances are good your new TV is covered. You’ll just need to double-check your policy to make sure.

Finding the best deal on accidental coverage policies

If you’re interested in purchasing accidental coverage for your home, you’ll find that one of the best sources of information available is an independent agent in AZ, whether you live in Green Valley or Tucson. These agents know the risks specific to the communities in Arizona, and they’ll be able to ask relevant questions about your home and family to make sure you have the protection you need without paying for over-the-top unnecessary coverage.