Can home insurance be cancelled due to a swing set in an unfenced backyard?

Putting in a backyard swing set can seem like a great way to surprise the children and give them a safe place to play, but it can also come with certain liability risks if your yard is not surrounded by a fence. As a result, homeowners insurance companies in Green Valley, AZ may cancel your policy if you put a swing set in the unfenced backyard.

Liability Risks

The primary reason that your policy may be canceled if you have a swing set and do not put in a fence is the possible liability concerns. Children can get onto your property and play on the swing set without adult supervision. You may come home to discover that a child has been injured when you weren’t even on the property. As a result, the risk of being sued is very high.

Insurance Cancelation

Homeowners insurance may be discontinued if you do not put in a fence due to the high level of risk associated with the situation. While you can discuss the problem with your insurer and the company may maintain your coverage if you put in a fence, you should be aware that the liability concerns are the main problem associated with the situation.

Some insurance companies may allow you to maintain coverage, but may put in a clause so that any injuries on the swing set will not be covered or you may be required to purchase additional liability coverage.

There are situations that cannot be overlooked when it comes to liability risks. While a swing set might seem like a great way to keep your children safe and encourage them to play, it is also a potential risk that may result in the loss of coverage. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information.