Assessing Your Risks For Commercial Insurance

When buying commercial insurance for your Green Valley, AZ business, it comes down to a few basic questions:

  • What do you need to protect
  • What protections are required by local, state and federal regulation, and
  • How much can you cover out of pocket

When assessing risk, most business owners will immediately be thinking along the lines of the property. Certainly, you want to be protected against theft, vandalism and other damages. But the big risk for business owners is a liability.

A restaurant can replace a microwave or blender damaged in a small fire, but the costs involved in a lawsuit should someone be injured on your property or by one of your products can sink a thriving business.

Computer security is another big risk that many business owners neglect to consider. Running a business from a laptop or with a network of remote freelancers is certainly an option in this day and age, but just because you don’t have a physical store doesn’t mean that you have nothing at risk. A breach of customers’ private data owing to cybercrime or simple negligence can be a catastrophically expensive problem to correct.

Your unique risks come down to the nature of your business, and whether you manage a hundred employees or it’s just you, there’s always going to be something that you need to consider.

If you want to get covered on a policy that works for you, that covers your business’ risks, get in touch with Insurance Center of Green Valley and we’ll help to get you set up with an insurance plan that will cover everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Why Small Businesses Need Commercial Insurance

Small businesses need commercial insurance to be in legal compliance and to protect the main asset of the business owner, which is often the total focus of their lives; the business they built up.

Commercial insurance is a broad category of protection that includes worker’s compensation, general liability, professional liability, product liability, property and casualty insurance, commercial vehicle coverage, and business interruption.

The one category of commercial insurance where many small businesses are under-insured is business interruption. Business interruption protection is vital coverage when a business cannot operate normally due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

The Risks of Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are showing up all over the United States in terms of massive flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, heat waves, huge storms, and tornadoes. In light of the increased risk of natural disasters, there is a chance that a small business will be suddenly wiped out. This can happen even if the business itself does not experience any direct damage. Power may be off for extended periods and roads may be closed.

If a natural disaster hits an area and the local economy stalls out, many of the expenses of the business may continue even when there are no revenues coming in to help pay for them. It is a shame to lose a business that was otherwise thriving because a natural disaster prevents its customers from the normal activities that support the business.

What Happens When Tourists Stop Coming?

Businesses that live off of tourism may be especially vulnerable. If all the community is damaged by a natural disaster then few tourists, except the gawkers, are going to want to come to the area. A business on the outskirts of such an area may not be able to keep the doors open without business interruption insurance.

Commercial Insurance Review

Work with your agent at Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ and the nearby communities, to have a review of the commercial insurance coverage to make sure there is adequate protection in place. For all commercial insurance needs contact your agent at Insurance Center of Green Valley in Green Valley, AZ by calling 520-648-1150.

Protecting Your Business From Slip and Falls and Other Nuisance Suits with Commercial Insurance

Owning a business can be a source of great satisfaction and pride, but it can also create many unwanted situations. If you are a business owner in the greater Green Valley, AZ area, you may be looking into your insurance options to protect your business and financial interests. Insurance Center of Green Valley is here to provide you with the information you need when formulating and updating your commercial insurance portfolio. Don’t let minor lawsuits affect your bottom line- get the insurance protection you need.

How Commercial Insurance Can Help Protect Your Business

Commercial insurance options go far beyond property and physical plant coverage. If you are a business owner you understand the importance of holding an appropriate amount of liability coverage. With liability coverage, you can protect your assets from the fallout that comes with superfluous lawsuits such as slip and falls. Depending on how your company is structured, the right insurance may also cover your own personal assets in the event of a liability case. Don’t let all of your hard work be washed away by one unfortunate situation. Liability coverage is a must-have for any commercial insurance portfolio to keep your business safe from lawsuits. We recommend that our commercial clients review their insurance policies on an annual basis to make sure they are complete.

Is it time to review your commercial insurance portfolio? Now is a good time to make sure that you have the coverage you need to protect your firm from slip and falls and other nuisance suits. If you are in the greater Green Valley, AZ area contact Insurance Center of Green Valley today and schedule your appointment. We are happy to take the time to review your insurance needs and options with you today.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover the Cost of Cleanup After Fire?

A fire is one of the last things that a business owner wants to deal with at their business. What might seem like something that not all businesses need to worry about, fire is actually quite common in many different commercial locations. Fire is just half the issue, cleanup is where large bills and long time lines for recovery start to pop up. If you live in the Green Valley, AZ area, the agents with Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you find a policy that protects you from nearly anything you could ever deal with.

When a commercial property experiences fire, a great deal of cleanup is involved. In most cases, your commercial insurance policy is going to cover the cost of fire damage cleanup if it is through one of their approved cleanup services. This allows the insurance company a chance to know that the work is being done, that it is being done well, and that it is being done right and they can track what work has been completed. Your commercial policy is going to cover a great deal of cleanup as it falls under the repair of the building and getting your business back to working order after a disaster occurs. You can find out more about what your policy covers by taking the time to review it and speak with an agent.

For those that live in the Green Valley, AZ, the agents with the Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you to find the right policy for you and for your business so that you can be sure you are fully covered. Fire can be devastating and can cause a huge amount of issue with many aspects of your business. A good policy can make a world of difference.

Does My Commercial Coverage Include Vandalism?

The Insurance Center of Green Valley offers a variety of insurance policies to help local entrepreneurs in Green Valley, AZ protect their business. The agents offer commercial policies that cover a wide variety of liability and damages, including those associated with vandalism. While vandalism isn’t overly common, but it does occur. 

Is the Building Occupied?

While commercial insurance policies are known to cover damages that are the result of vandalism, there are certain stipulations. For a commercial policy to cover these types of damages, the building must be occupied. If a building is vacant, it is much less likely that your commercial policy will be willing to pay for any repairs. Occupied buildings are less likely to be vandalized because they are more visible.

Estimates to Repair Damage

If your commercial building is vandalized, you will need to have an estimate that states how much it will cost to make the repairs. If the amount is more than that of your deductible, your insurance company will pay the difference. It may be a good idea to get two estimates so that you have an average to work from. In some cases, a police report may be needed, especially if the damages are extensive.

Business owners who live in the Green Valley, AZ can schedule an appointment with the agents of the Insurance Center of Green Valley if they are looking to purchase a new commercial policy or upgrade an existing one. Don’t leave your business to chance. Talk to an agent at your earliest convenience to make sure your business is fully insured. Schedule your meeting and get all of your potential concerns addressed by the professionals.

Commercial Insurance For Your Small Business

If you think your business is too small to insure at all, much less purchase commercial insurance for, you may be in error. Your small business may benefit by the big protection of commercial insurance. At Insurance Center of Green Valley we want our local small businesses to succeed no matter what comes their way, so check if you should be covered if you have a business of any size. We serve businesses in Green Valley, AZ and the surrounding area. 

Does Your Small Business Need Commercial Insurance? 

According to the Arizona Small Business Profile, a small business is a company with fewer than 500 employees and makes up more than 97% of all state employers. It is vital that these small businesses are all protected as much as possible with insurance to keep our economy up. 

Even if your business is nowhere near 500 employees, insurance is still a good idea. In fact, if you have one or more people who are part or full time, you are required by the state to carry worker’s compensation insurance. Also, all drivers must have minimum auto insurance, but if you use your vehicle for your business it is wise to get commercial vehicle insurance, no matter if you are the only one driving it in your business. 

While the above is required, commercial property insurance and commercial automobile insurance are not legally mandatory. Regardless, it is prudential to protect your source of income and your employees’ livelihood with commercial insurance. Even if your company is fledgling or very small, you still have a lot to lose if things go wrong and a good commercial insurance policy can save the day. 

Contact us at Insurance Center of Green Valley, AZ if you are interested in protecting your business. We can discuss your options and come up with a policy that fits you. 


Three Priorities of Commercial Insurance

Some people planning to start a small business might not realize they need commercial insurance. If business owners do understand the importance of it, they still may need more information about what their policy should cover. Insurance Center of Green Valley encourages you to keep the following three commercial insurance priorities in mind:

  1. Coverage for data breaches – Only about a third of small U.S. small businesses in 2017 had cyber insurance coverage in case of a data breach, but one in 10 of them suffered hacking of their computer systems. Since much of what a business would complete on paper is now performed in the Cloud, your Green Valley, AZ recommends cyber insurance.
  2. The inclusion of your building, equipment, and supplies – Take a careful inventory of all that you rent or own including the building where you serve clients. It could reduce the stress associated with losses and damages that can diminish your profits. This might include protection in the event of a fire, flood, theft or other unfortunate circumstance if you request it. You also may need commercial vehicle insurance.
  3. Provisions for liabilities to others – Make sure your policy pays out enough to cover employee injuries or damages to client property. Prevent financial loss from customer slips and falls and other unexpected incidences, too.
  4. Your Green Valley, AZ insurance agent wants you to continue operating your business without excess financial strain. Don’t hope for the worst, but prepare just in case. Feel free to discuss with a representative about how much money your policy should pay in specific scenarios, for instance.

Contact us, your Insurance Center of Green Valley for more information about commercial insurance or any other coverage you need.


What Does Home Insurance Cover in a Severe Storm?

Severe storms can cause an extreme and even devastating level of damage to houses and other property, as people in regions affected by those storms know all too well. Here are some details about home insurance coverage for severe storm damage. These guidelines are brought to you by Insurance Center of Green Valley serving Green Valley, AZ.

Heavy rains can bring flooding and other problems, and oftentimes that flooding can cause some serious damage to homes. A separate flood insurance policy might be necessary, but in certain circumstances, home insurance may cover damage from rain.

Powerful winds from severe storms can do a tremendous amount of damage. They can blow trees down, which can fall into homes and other structures. They can also blow shingles off roofs and do a variety of other damage. Home insurance can cover many types of damage caused by wind, depending on the specific details of a particular policy.

Many factors can affect what home insurance coverage you need that helps with recovery from severe storm damage. Those factors include your location, such as if you are at or near an area that is prone to severe storms. Keep in mind that any area can experience severe storms at one time or the other. There are various levels of coverage with insurance policies, and each policy has certain limitations.

But if it looks like you will need home insurance coverage for severe storms, make sure you have that in place well before any storm hits. Also look into flood insurance, especially if you are in an area that is prone to flooding. If you need assistance with your home insurance questions, feel free to contact us at Insurance Center of Green Valley serving Green Valley, AZ.

Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

When you run your own business there are a number of expenses you need to consider. One such expense is insurance coverage. Commercial insurance coverages come in a number of forms, each of each is designed to protect your business in varying ways. However, one form of insurance coverage you need to consider is commercial auto insurance. Whether you work in Green Valley, AZ or the surrounding area, Insurance Center of Green Valley is on hand to help you determine whether or not you need commercial auto insurance. 

Do You Use Drive For Work?

This doesn’t include driving to your job and driving home. However, if you drive while on the clock you’ll need commercial auto insurance. This means if you’re driving between clients or even making deliveries (even pizza deliveries) you need commercial auto insurance. If you are not protected and are involved in an accident the other individual in the accident can come after the company. 

Driving Professionally?

Do you drive professional? If you drive for a ride-sharing service, such as Lyft or Uber, you need commercial auto insurance. Your regular auto insurance will not cover you with this. As you are on the clock being paid for the ride you are in a commercial act. Due to this, you need to invest in commercial auto insurance to protect you and your vehicle in the event of an accident. 

Commercial auto insurance will protect you, your business, and your vehicle in the event of an auto accident. Even if the accident is not your fault you may find regular auto insurance will not cover you. To know for sure if you need commercial auto insurance now is the time to contact Insurance Center of Green Valley for all your Green Valley, AZ commercial insurance needs. 

Is Commercial Insurance Worth the Investment?

Small business owners agree starting a company takes a lot of effort and time. It also requires patience and a lot of common sense. If you’re considering starting your own company, or perhaps you already own one, and you haven’t looked into the benefits of commercial insurance, it is vital that you do. Here at the Insurance Center of Green Valley serving Green Valley, AZ, we understand how important it is to protect a small business, and we want to share three reasons commercial insurance is worth the investment. 

Protect Your Contracts

If you operate a business where you go into contracts with your clients, it is imperative these contracts be protected. What many small business owners fail to realize, though, is there are a handful of contracts that won’t hold up in the court of law. And because lawsuits are sometimes unavoidable, you need to have commercial insurance to serve as a form of protection when a contract isn’t viewed as legal in the eyes of the court.

Don’t Let Your Employees Down

If you have employees working for you, your responsibilities become much more substantial. Fortunately, commercial insurance can serve as a viable way to provide you with financial protection in the event you are unable to make payments for labor and wages. The specifics of commercial insurance will vary from one policy to the next, making it vital to discuss your exact needs with a qualified insurance agent. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have workers who use a vehicle to perform work-related tasks, it is essential that you provide commercial auto coverage. If possible, you should consider investing in fleet vehicles and adding commercial insurance to them. Commercial auto insurance can be the difference between keeping your doors open and having to close up shop if one of your workers is injured in an auto accident while performing work-related duties.

To learn more about the advantages of commercial insurance and why it’s worth the investment, contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley serving Green Valley, AZ.,