Three Ways to Make Your Office Space Safer for Employees

As a business owner, it’s vital that you provide an office space that is safe for your employees. Below are some of the three best ways to keep your area safe and secure. 

1. Stagger Work-From-Home

One of the best ways to reduce the number of employees you have in the office at one time is to stagger the work-from-home schedule. With so many businesses moving to offer at least a flex schedule, it’s vital that everyone isn’t out of the office simultaneously so that you have coverage and you’re keeping the workplace safe physically. You can allow them to share offices and reduce the amount of personal items brought into the space, eliminating clutter. 

2. Keep Public Areas Clear

If you have a space where vendors and customers come to interact with your employees, you’ll want to keep that area clear of any boxes and storage build-up. These areas shouldn’t have too much furniture either, as that can pose a safety hazard. Having staff members keep the floor clean and clear of debris and spills will reduce any potential liabilities. They will have a safe place to interact with their customers and keep them out of the employee-only areas. 

3. Have Signs Posted

If you have boxes and containers stored in your office, then you need to ensure signs are posted in these areas. Alerting the staff in your office that there is excessive storage and items in a certain area can keep them safe and keep them from attempting to move or get by an area where they could be hurt. It’s also important to post signs where an area is meant for certain employees, like management so that you don’t have overcrowding and employees in situations that aren’t safe. 

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