Will my Green Valley, Arizona homeowners insurance cover my business if I work at home?

Today, it is quite common for people who live in Tucson, Sahuarita and the Green Valley area of Arizona, to operate a small business from the comfort of their own homes. Almost any type of business is susceptible to disputes and some of those disputes can lead to lawsuits.

Your homeowners insurance policy will probably not cover any items that are only used for your business. It may cover items like a desk, chair or computer that you use while conducting business, because that is considered part of the contents of your house.

If, for example, you have a business selling computers you build from scratch in your home, your homeowners insurance will not cover any claims made against you or your company if a dissatisfied customer decides to sue.

In order to be covered for certain liabilities you may incur, you will need to buy a separate general liability business policy. While it is improbable that someone is going to come to your home office to conduct business, it is actually more common than you might think.

Some individuals in Tucson operate a tax service or bookkeeping service and regularly welcome clients into their homes. Others may operate a landscaping business in Sahuarita and set appointments, bank and do all of the administrative tasks of their business out of a home office.

Nothing is ever completely black or completely white. Most situations fall into a gray area. If a man falls on an uneven pathway and breaks his arm while delivering a present from your Aunt Tilly, your homeowners insurance policy would cover any claim for liability. What would happen if the delivery man was bringing 10 boxes of inventory for your home business?

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Can a tourist purchase a car in the Green Valley, Arizona and insure it himself?

If you’re visiting the Green Valley, Arizona area as a tourist from another state, it’s simply a matter of having the vehicle purchased in your name and insured under your current auto insurance policy. Some states may require you to purchase a transit permit that’s valid for a short period of time. You typically have 30 days from the time of purchase to transfer the vehicle’s title in your name and register the vehicle with your home state.

If you are a tourist from another country, purchasing a car for short term use turns into a much more complicated task. There are several issues at hand that may prevent you from legally using the vehicle during your stay:

  • Most states prohibit the use of temporary addresses in place of a permanent address when registering a vehicle. As it is unlikely that a tourist will have a permanent U.S. address, it becomes very difficult to have the vehicle properly registered and plated.
  • It’s also illegal to use someone else’s address to register the vehicle. If you’re caught, civil penalties may be involved.
  • The previous owner can’t and in most cases won’t allow you to use their plates to drive the car. In ordinary practice, sellers are almost always obligated to remove their license plates from the car when the vehicle is sold.

In addition, very few insurance companies offer short-term auto insurance for tourists in the U.S. for this particular purpose. If you do manage to find a willing insurer, the agency in question may require you to have an international driver’s license on hand in addition to the driver’s license of your home country. In the end, it’s usually a good idea to rent a vehicle during your stay.

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Will my Insurer Provide a Cancellation of my Green Valley, Arizona Home Insurance Policy if my Dog Bites a Neighbor?

A dog bite is a serious concern for any pet owner, but it can also have potential consequences on your home insurance when an incident occurs. Although your home insurance provider may decide to cancel your coverage if a neighbor is bitten by your dog, the situation also plays a role in the decision to drop your coverage in Green Valley, Arizona.

Reason for the Bite

Although you are liable for the actions of your pet, it is possible that certain situations are not your fault. If your neighbor attacks your dog, then the bite is an act of defense and a court of law will not hold you responsible. Your neighbor has engaged in a criminal offense and you are not responsible for their injuries. The same is true of any action that is related to the defense of an owner, your personal property or the life of another individual.

The reason that your dog bit a neighbor can play a role in the appropriate solution, including the ability to retain your coverage.

Differences Between Providers

Although some insurance providers may refuse to maintain your coverage if your dog bites a neighbor, other insurers are willing to maintain coverage. In some cases, your premium may increase and dog bites may no longer be covered, but the company may be willing to maintain different plans based on your concerns and the reasons that your dog bit another individual.

Dog bites are potentially dangerous, which is the reason that certain breeds can make it hard to find home insurance coverage. Fortunately, different companies have a variety of policies available. To learn more about the options that are available for your needs, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.

Does Premium Increase if my Vehicle’s Windshield is Damaged in Green Valley, Arizona?

Windshield damage can occur at unexpected times. It may occur during an accident, as the result of the weather or even due to a tree branch falling on the windshield. Regardless of the reason that the damage occurs, the impact on your premium can vary.

Repairs by the Company

When a car insurance company pays for the damages to the vehicle, it may result in an increased monthly payment. If you make a claim on your insurance it means that you are explaining the situation to the company. When that happens, you may discover that the accident or the situation will increase your premium in Green Valley, Arizona.

Differences Between Companies

Although auto insurance rates may increase when you make a formal claim, the exact impact and the amount that you pay each month may vary. In some cases, the changes are minor and you will not see a dramatic impact on your premium. In other cases, you will see an obvious difference in the price.

Each company is different, so the exact impact on your auto insurance premium may vary. Some companies may even offer a forgiveness plan that prevents your premium from increasing, even when you are involved in an accident. That means that the exact details of when your premium is impacted by the policy may vary. You may or may not see an increase to your premium.

Car insurance policies are not the same, so each company can offer a variety of options when you are protecting your vehicle. Depending on the situation and your policy, the impact on your premium may vary. While some insurers may increase the premium, others may forgive the first incident without an increased rate. To learn more about the impact of vehicle damage to your policy, contact us to talk to an independent agent.