Will my Insurer Provide a Cancellation of my Green Valley, Arizona Home Insurance Policy if my Dog Bites a Neighbor?

A dog bite is a serious concern for any pet owner, but it can also have potential consequences on your home insurance when an incident occurs. Although your home insurance provider may decide to cancel your coverage if a neighbor is bitten by your dog, the situation also plays a role in the decision to drop your coverage in Green Valley, Arizona.

Reason for the Bite

Although you are liable for the actions of your pet, it is possible that certain situations are not your fault. If your neighbor attacks your dog, then the bite is an act of defense and a court of law will not hold you responsible. Your neighbor has engaged in a criminal offense and you are not responsible for their injuries. The same is true of any action that is related to the defense of an owner, your personal property or the life of another individual.

The reason that your dog bit a neighbor can play a role in the appropriate solution, including the ability to retain your coverage.

Differences Between Providers

Although some insurance providers may refuse to maintain your coverage if your dog bites a neighbor, other insurers are willing to maintain coverage. In some cases, your premium may increase and dog bites may no longer be covered, but the company may be willing to maintain different plans based on your concerns and the reasons that your dog bit another individual.

Dog bites are potentially dangerous, which is the reason that certain breeds can make it hard to find home insurance coverage. Fortunately, different companies have a variety of policies available. To learn more about the options that are available for your needs, contact us to talk to an independent agent today.