What if During my Commute to my Office via Public Transportation my Personal Laptop Gets Lost, Stolen, or Damaged? Would it be Covered by my Home Insurance Policy, in Green Valley, AZ?

Going to the office via public transportation can put you at risk when you are carrying a laptop. Your personal laptop may be lost, stolen or damaged during the trip, especially if you are taking a bus or must move around during the trip. Although your employer’s commercial insurance may help pay to replace the laptop if you use it for work, it is possible that your home insurance in Green Valley, Arizona will also cover the costs.

Making a Claim

You may or may not be covered for the electronic device if you take it out of the home. In many cases, insurers will provide some coverage if you carry it with you on your commute, but the amount of coverage available may vary.

Making a claim begins after you review your policy and determine how much coverage you have available on you plan. Depending on your current plan, you may obtain the replacement cost or you may obtain the cost of the laptop after depreciation.

Alternative Options

If you are not covered under your current policy, then you may have alternative options available. Employers may have coverage under a commercial policy due to the fact that you were bringing the laptop to work. A policy that specifically protects your laptop may also be an option if you are worried about losing it in a commute.

Replacing your electronic devices after they are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip to the office can seem complicated, but insurance may provide some protection. Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley to talk to an independent agent for more information about your options.

How Will my Life Insurance Company in Green Valley, AZ, Access my Medical Records After my Physician Retires or Dies?

Nothing is more worrisome than finding out that your physician or doctor had died or has retired when you are trying to obtain life insurance. When your doctor dies or retires, a life insurance company in Green Valley, Arizona does have options to obtain your medical reports and ensure that you are covered in case an accident occurs.

Asking a New Doctor

One option that may be available is asking a new doctor to check on your current health and send a new report to the insurer. A new medical doctor can run all of your tests and may become your new physician if your health insurance allows you to work with that doctor.

Asking the Facility

Another solution is working with the facility where your previous doctor worked. Even though your doctor may have retired, the facility should have a copy of your medical records available. Depending on the situation, the ability to obtain those records can vary.

Every medical facility is required to keep your reports for a set period of time. Either you can ask for a copy and send it directly to the life insurance provider or your insurer can make a request. If your insurer makes a request for the records, then you may need to give your permission before the records will be released to the company.

It is not impossible to obtain life insurance just because your doctor has passed away or is no longer actively working in the role of a physician. In some cases, you may be able to get a copy of your records by making a request. Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley to talk to an independent agent for more information.

If a Pipe Breaks In Your Home Due to Root Infiltration, What Will Your Home Insurance Polcy Cover?

Here at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, each independent agent on our staff takes pride in providing unbiased and expert advice for all of our customers throughout Green Valley, Arizona.

Our company can provide comprehensive coverage for your home. A homeowner policy from the Insurance Center of Green Valley could possibly provide coverage in the event that damage is caused to your home by Mother Nature.

For example, if you have pipes in your basement that are starting to show cracks or other signs of damage from a root infiltration, you’ll want to know what your options are. At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we’ll have all of our customers from Sahuarita to Tucson and the rest of the surrounding area covered.

One possible solution to a root infiltration problem would be to get a perma liner installation completed on your home. If you didn’t know about the root problem when you bought the house, it’s possible your current homeowner policy does not provide you with the coverage that you need. A perma liner installation will take the steps necessary to ensure that the inside of your house is kept free from threats outside of the house.

Call an independent agent at the Insurance Center of Green Valley and we can discuss a specialized policy that will fit your unique needs. The right policy might cover everything from the perma liner installation to the repair of any cracked pipes and the removal of the roots or other foreign objects that have crept into your home. But you won’t know for sure unless you call today.

Do I need to buy collision insurance in Green Valley, AZ, for a rental car if I have auto insurance?

There are plenty of times when you might need a rental car to get back and forth around the Green Valley, Sahuarita or Tucson area of Arizona. And of course, the rental agency may encourage you to buy collision insurance as you pick up your rental car. But do you really need this coverage when you already have your own auto insurance policy?

Keep in mind that most carriers extend personal auto insurance to include rental cars. Depending on the carrier and the state’s own policies, rental vehicles may be covered under liability or collision coverage. You may want to speak to your independent agent to find out such coverage works.

If you have a policy that covers only the state-mandated minimum liability or if you simply feel better about the peace of mind it brings, you may want to purchase additional coverage from the rental company. Otherwise, you’ll likely save money by using your own auto insurance to protect against the unexpected. If you’re using a credit card to rent a vehicle, your company may offer its own collision insurance coverage as a built-in perk.

Don’t forget that rental reimbursement coverage only applies when you rent a car due to your personal vehicle being unavailable as a result of an accident or other type of loss. This coverage may not provide protection against damage caused to a rental car.

If you’re still not sure whether you need collision insurance for your rental car, don’t hesitate to contact your Insurance Center of Green Valley agent for more information. As your independent agent, we can help you get on the right track when it comes to your auto insurance needs.