How Will my Life Insurance Company in Green Valley, AZ, Access my Medical Records After my Physician Retires or Dies?

Nothing is more worrisome than finding out that your physician or doctor had died or has retired when you are trying to obtain life insurance. When your doctor dies or retires, a life insurance company in Green Valley, Arizona does have options to obtain your medical reports and ensure that you are covered in case an accident occurs.

Asking a New Doctor

One option that may be available is asking a new doctor to check on your current health and send a new report to the insurer. A new medical doctor can run all of your tests and may become your new physician if your health insurance allows you to work with that doctor.

Asking the Facility

Another solution is working with the facility where your previous doctor worked. Even though your doctor may have retired, the facility should have a copy of your medical records available. Depending on the situation, the ability to obtain those records can vary.

Every medical facility is required to keep your reports for a set period of time. Either you can ask for a copy and send it directly to the life insurance provider or your insurer can make a request. If your insurer makes a request for the records, then you may need to give your permission before the records will be released to the company.

It is not impossible to obtain life insurance just because your doctor has passed away or is no longer actively working in the role of a physician. In some cases, you may be able to get a copy of your records by making a request. Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley to talk to an independent agent for more information.