If a Pipe Breaks In Your Home Due to Root Infiltration, What Will Your Home Insurance Polcy Cover?

Here at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, each independent agent on our staff takes pride in providing unbiased and expert advice for all of our customers throughout Green Valley, Arizona.

Our company can provide comprehensive coverage for your home. A homeowner policy from the Insurance Center of Green Valley could possibly provide coverage in the event that damage is caused to your home by Mother Nature.

For example, if you have pipes in your basement that are starting to show cracks or other signs of damage from a root infiltration, you’ll want to know what your options are. At the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we’ll have all of our customers from Sahuarita to Tucson and the rest of the surrounding area covered.

One possible solution to a root infiltration problem would be to get a perma liner installation completed on your home. If you didn’t know about the root problem when you bought the house, it’s possible your current homeowner policy does not provide you with the coverage that you need. A perma liner installation will take the steps necessary to ensure that the inside of your house is kept free from threats outside of the house.

Call an independent agent at the Insurance Center of Green Valley and we can discuss a specialized policy that will fit your unique needs. The right policy might cover everything from the perma liner installation to the repair of any cracked pipes and the removal of the roots or other foreign objects that have crept into your home. But you won’t know for sure unless you call today.