What if During my Commute to my Office via Public Transportation my Personal Laptop Gets Lost, Stolen, or Damaged? Would it be Covered by my Home Insurance Policy, in Green Valley, AZ?

Going to the office via public transportation can put you at risk when you are carrying a laptop. Your personal laptop may be lost, stolen or damaged during the trip, especially if you are taking a bus or must move around during the trip. Although your employer’s commercial insurance may help pay to replace the laptop if you use it for work, it is possible that your home insurance in Green Valley, Arizona will also cover the costs.

Making a Claim

You may or may not be covered for the electronic device if you take it out of the home. In many cases, insurers will provide some coverage if you carry it with you on your commute, but the amount of coverage available may vary.

Making a claim begins after you review your policy and determine how much coverage you have available on you plan. Depending on your current plan, you may obtain the replacement cost or you may obtain the cost of the laptop after depreciation.

Alternative Options

If you are not covered under your current policy, then you may have alternative options available. Employers may have coverage under a commercial policy due to the fact that you were bringing the laptop to work. A policy that specifically protects your laptop may also be an option if you are worried about losing it in a commute.

Replacing your electronic devices after they are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip to the office can seem complicated, but insurance may provide some protection. Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley to talk to an independent agent for more information about your options.