Does My Policy Cover Sump Pump Backups?

Your homeowner’s policy safeguards your residence in Green Valley, AZ, from various water-related risks. However, consider an event where your sump pump fails, or sewage backs up into your residence. Standard policies do not cover such damages. The Insurance Center of Green Valley can guide you on shielding your residence from such threats.

Consider Water Backup Coverage

Most insurance companies offer numerous ways to tailor your policies according to your unique needs. If you reside in a low-lying area near a desert wash, flood insurance might already be a part of your policy. However, flood insurance does not extend to situations involving a failed sump pump or a sewage or drain backup. This particular coverage can pay for the repair costs of damaged personal property and structural elements like floors and walls. This add-on provides a certain amount of coverage that is reduced by the deductible for claims.

Why Sump Pump Coverage is Beneficial

Despite being situated in a dry climate, Arizona is notorious for its hard-hitting rains in late winter and during the summer monsoon season. An aged sump pump might fail to handle excess water. Similarly, if you have an old gray water pump, it might cease working, allowing water to build up until it becomes a problem. Also, numerous situations can trigger sewer or drain backups. Blockages, tree roots, overwhelmed sanitary systems, and more can result in raw sewage backing up into your residence, leaving you with the expenses, even though the incident was beyond your control.

Upgrade your homeowner’s policy to shield yourself and your family. The agents at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, serving Green Valley, AZ, can suggest an appropriate coverage amount. Please contact our office today to schedule your consultation.