What type of insurance should I choose in Tucson, AZ, if I use my home for commercial purposes?

Known as a business-friendly community, Tucson, Arizona can be a great place to start a home-based business. However, if you plan on using your home for commercial purposes, it is important to obtain the right type of insurance. Insurance is crucial for protecting your home business against loss and liability.

Reasons to Insure Your Home Business

Running a business at home opens of the potential for loss or liability issues. A fire or flood could damage the equipment that you use to conduct your business. A home daycare provider or professional who works with clients may encounter an accident that leads to a lawsuit. Or a professional giving advice may be sued for negligence for making an honest error. These scenarios are not covered under the typical homeowner’s insurance policy. Instead, you will need additional coverage that specifically covers the risks that are unique to your business.

The Benefits of Home-Based Business Insurance

If you freelance or operate a small business from home, full commercial coverage is probably inappropriate for the scope of your business. Instead, you will likely find the coverage that you need with home-based business insurance. This form of coverage allows you to add riders to your homeowner’s insurance to cover the risks of your business, such as property damage, and professional liability. The biggest advantage of home-based business insurance is that it can be modified so that it only covers the risks that pertain to your business.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

If your business is a bit more complex, you may require extended forms of liability coverage. An independent agent can help you identify the risks that you should prioritize and obtain a policy that covers those risks. Contact us today to speak with an agent who can help you protect your business with the right insurance coverage.