In Sahuarita, AZ, Will my auto insurance premium reduce if I hire an experienced chauffeur to drive my car?

Auto Insurance companies in Sahuarita, Arizona do take into consideration as who will be driving the car that you are insuring and it can have an effect on the premium you pay. If, for example you have a wife and two children of legal driving age in your household, your premium may be a little higher than if you were the only person who would ever drive the car.

You can not lower your rates on Arizona auto insurance by hiring an experienced chauffeur to drive you around Sahuarita because you are the named insured. In order to register a car in Texas in your name, you need to show that you have the required auto insurance. You can not get cheaper insurance by saying that you have a professional driver who has a spotless driving record.

About the only way that you can get around Arizona insurance rules and regulations is if you were to purchase a car for your chauffeur and then have the car insured in your chauffeur’s name. Of course you would have no ownership rights in the vehicle and the premium of the auto insurance policy would depend on the chauffeur’s personal driving record and other factors that determine the rates for insurance.

When auto insurance companies sell a policy, they base their rates on several different factors. The vehicle itself accounts for a portion of the total premium and the driving record and risk presented by the driver accounts for the remainder of the premium. Full coverage on a brand new $50,000 car will cost you more than a $20,000 vehicle because if it is stolen, or totaled, it will result in a larger claim against the insurer.

As your independent agent, we understand that it is tough out there and everyone wants to pay lower premiums. Give us a call and let us review your current policy. Many times, we can find a way to reduce your overall auto insurance costs.