5 Facts about Home Insurance You Must Know

Most lenders require investors to purchase home insurance whenever they borrow money. It covers their interests. However, most homeowners aren’t aware of what house insurance entails. Insurance Center of Green Valley Arizona offers five facts that every home owner must know. 

Covers Specific Property
Home insurance covers electronics, firearms, furs, and jewelry. However, if they are worth over the limit insured, you will incur extra losses unless you have an umbrella cover. Besides, the policy protects property outside your house such as a laptop inside a car. 

Proper Home Maintenance Is Vital
Most insurance firms are keen on ensuring that your items are in excellent condition. Therefore, damages incurred due to house neglect may not be reimbursed. Trim your live fence and regularly inspect your roof for any leakages. In case an unusual water bill increase occurs, it indicates that there is a leak within or outside your home. You should repair it promptly.

Policy Cancellation 
According to the Arizona laws, home insurance policy coverage cannot be canceled unless based on the following conditions:

  • Nonpayment of premium 
  • If the insured is convicted of crimes deemed to increase the chance of insured risk
  • Frauds detected in the policy 
  • Gross negligence by the insured increasing the chance for risk to occur 
  • Significant change in the perils assumed by the insurance provider
  • A beyond reasonable doubt determination by director of insurance that the insurer will violate the state laws if the policy holds 

Homeowners’ Policy claims 
Regardless of the type of home insurance policy you have, when you make a claim, there are three options for you, namely:

  • Cash value coverage also called market value coverage
  • Replacement coverage 
  • Extended replacement or guaranteed replacement cost coverage 

Claim Deadlines 
In case of an occurrence in your home, do not hesitate to contact your insurance provider. Most companies have a specified period for making claim beyond which may be difficult to file. 

If you need home insurance in Arizona, get in touch with Insurance Center of Green Valley. You can also use their online rating tool for auto.