A Home Inventory can Simplify Your Claim

You never know when a disaster will strike and cause the loss of valuable possessions in your Green Valley, AZ home.  You can, however, be prepared by maintaining an up to date home inventory of your possessions as a record of what you own. A home inventory will simplify making an insurance claim so lost or damaged goods can be replaced faster.   

What’s a Home Inventory?

A home inventory is simply an itemized list of your personal possessions to include shoes, clothing, jewelry, electronics, furniture, artwork, kitchen goods and appliances, sports gear, books and anything else you may own. When making your list, you should pay special attention to valuable items such as heirlooms, posh jewelry and collectibles as these will cost more to replace if they are damaged, stolen or lost. 

Each item should have a brief description stating its condition, where it was bought and make, model and serial number if it applies. Your inventory should include receipts and appraisals for valuable goods to prove their worth and photos or videos to show their current condition. This information will make it easier for an adjuster from Insurance Center of Green Valley to assess your loss and expedite your claim.

How is a Home Inventory Used in a Claim?

Your home inventory can be used to substantiate ownership and condition of the goods you lost. Without proof of ownership, an insurance adjuster may question whether these items existed at all. Receipts, photos or a video of valuable items help verify their worth so you can get full value for them in a claim. Be sure to update your inventory periodically so it will be current when you need it.

Learn more about the benefits of a home inventory by contacting an insurance specialist at Insurance Center of Green Valley, Green Valley, AZ.