Do I Need Classic Car Insurance For My Antique?

Green Valley, AZ 85614 is a relatively small city in the state. It is characterized by desert and found just west of the Santa Cruz River. There are various things to do throughout the area, including boating, hiking, shopping in farmer’s markets, and going to health spas.

If you have an antique, you know it’s not like other cars. It’s a collectible and therefore worth a whole lot more than what it originally sold for. This is why it’s important to look for classic car insurance.

The main difference between classic car insurance and traditional is how they are going to value an antique. You don’t want an accident to occur in Green Valley and have the insurance company give you the amount of what the car sold for in the 1970s minus depreciation because you wouldn’t be given much money at all. Instead, you want the actual value of the car and that gets more complicated to calculate because of its collectible status.

We have insurance agents that can help you in Green Valley, AZ. We will look at such things as:

– The make/model/year of your car

– The condition the car is in

– How you store your car in 85614

– How many miles you drive it a year

All of these details will go into getting you a classic car insurance policy. We will take the time to get you multiple quotes and compare and contrast the different aspects of all of the policies.

Insurance designed for an antique car is a must so you have the necessary level of protection to make a repair or replacement in the event it is damaged. Call our agents today and let us help you through the process of buying an affordable policy.