At What Juncture of Your Business Plan Do You Need To Purchase Commercial Insurance?

What To Do Next?

You have your business plan completed and have an appointment to meet with potential investors and loan officers at a nearby bank. Is this the time to purchase a commercial insurance policy? The ink hasn’t dried on the business plan yet.

Ready, Set, Go?

Wait Just a moment. Before you hang up your shingle, you need to consider purchasing your insurance policy. The right juncture to insure your business is before your first operating day. Build in the costs for insurance with the prospective financing for your business.

From day one there are areas that need to be protected from liability. This is the perfect time to sit down and see what you need to have adequate protection from all of the what ifs that could happen. If this is your first business, you will learn as you go. You may need to add new insurance products along the way.      

To be perfectly honest, commercial insurance is not an easy notion to navigate. There a myriad of nuances involved with having a comprehensive and efficient policy that is going to do what it needs to do to protect your business and your overall way of life. 

Give us a call at Insurance Center of Green Valley. There are plenty of established business owners who call Green Valley AZ and the surrounding areas home that we cater to.  If you reside in this area and you are in the beginning phases of opening your business, we are here to clarify some key issues regarding the type of insurance you have for your company. If you want to come in, call, fax, or email us we would love to set your mind at ease about this critical business topic.