Driving to School: Top Tips for Safer Driving

The most frequently traveled road that your teen will likely use is the one back and forth to school from your house. Because of this, your teen driver should be well-prepared to drive on this road before he gets permission to drive without supervision. Keeping this in mind, you should always let your teen drive to school in the mornings when you drop him off. This way, he’ll gain many hours of driving experience on the road he’s going to travel on a daily basis once he gets his actual driver’s license. Here’s a quick look at a few other tips you can share with your teen driver to boost his driving abilities. 

Avoid driving in hazardous weather

When it gets really stormy outside, it’s usually best to stay off the roads. This is why you should advise your teen driver to avoid driving in hazardous weather whenever possible. Still yet, though, some experience driving in stormy weather is advised. In fact, your teen will need practice driving in the rain before he’s allowed to get his driver’s license. 

Wear sunglasses

When the sun starts glaring through the windshield, this can cause drivers to easily become briefly blinded. With a good pair of sunglasses, though, the glare is greatly reduced, thus improving your teen’s ability to see when driving. If your teen doesn’t have a good pair of sunglasses, you should definitely buy him a pair. 

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