Minimum Insurance Coverage required in Flowing Wells, AZ

When you are looking at an insurance policy in Flowing Wells, AZ, it is important to understand any regulations or requirements that are set by the state. Depending on the type of insurance policy that you are considering, the requirements and standards may vary.

Auto Coverage

Insurance coverage for your personal vehicle is a requirement of the state. You are required to purchase liability protection that will pay for property damage and bodily injuries in case an accident occurs.

The auto coverage standards may or may not be enough to address your concerns, so you should compare your options carefully before you assume that the coverage is appropriate for your goals. Standards that are set by the state are often limited and are limited to accidents that you caused. You may not be able to pay for damages to a personal vehicle with the basic coverage.

Other Types of Insurance

Other types of insurance, such as homeowner’s policies or boat coverage, may not have any standards that are set by the state; however, insurance coverage may be required by your lender.

A mortgage lender may ask that you purchase a policy for your house to protect the building and any land that is part of the property. The exact coverage requirements and standards can vary between lenders. You may also be asked to purchase a policy to protect a new boat or other assets that do not have strict standards set by the state laws.

Legal requirements associated with your assets and insurance coverage may be limited, but there are other factors that may impact the details of your policies and limit the options when you are looking for coverage. To learn more about protecting your assets with insurance, contact us today.