Green Valley, AZ Auto Insurance For Teens

Parents with teens face questions about driving. Who will teach them to drive? What rules will you set? Do teen drivers in Green Valley, AZ need auto insurance? Hopefully, parents have been setting a good example as responsible drivers up to this point. They now need to consider the matter of insurance. This is where the Insurance Center of Green Valley can help them. 

Teens holding a learner’s permit do not need additional coverage under Arizona law. Your present insurance coverage is sufficient as they practice their parking and merging. This might be a good time to discuss upcoming changes to your policy with your insurance provider. Once your child receives their license, they will be required to carry auto insurance.  They might purchase their own under certain circumstances, but most teens are added to the existing policy of the parents.

May we recommend some tips to help your child have a good start to their driving years?

  • Provide them with roadside assistance. 
  • Pack an emergency bag, and show them how to use the items in it.
  • Agree on family rules that address safety and responsible driving behavior.

Our agents at the Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you get the coverage that will serve your family. We would be happy to discuss the changes you will face when adding a new driver to your current insurance. It may be a good time to shop around for a new policy, but there is no obligation to do so. Green Valley, AZ parents can rely on the expertise of our agents as we help them navigate the teen years. Contact us today.