Does long-term care insurance cover nursing home cost?

Long term insurance is designed to meet the needs of Sahuarita and Tucson residents who want to provide for care beyond what their traditional insurance or Medicare policy will cover. Typical coverage for a long term care policy will include nursing home care and in-home assistance.

The main purpose of this type of coverage is to help you get the care you need if you are disabled or when you are elderly and no longer able to fully care for yourself. Many people do choose to apply their long term care policy towards nursing home care, and in most cases this is permissible. In general, a long term care policy will allow for a certain amount of money per day to be put towards the care chosen, whether it is nursing home cost or in-home care.

The size and type of the long term policy that you choose will have a great deal to do with whether or not the policy will be sufficient to cover the entire cost of the nursing home care. In general, you should expect the long term insurance to be a complement to other insurance types, rather than a stand-alone policy. You can select coverage that can include help with baths, dressing, and eating as well as help with mobility or more serious medical needs.

When you choose your policy, you should determine an approximate amount that you will need to have each day for your nursing home care and get a policy based upon getting that amount. Each policy will have a set maximum (anything from days to years) of time that it will continue to pay these long term benefits so be sure you are aware of the limit on your policy.

Long term care insurance policies can be completely different from one policy to another, so it is important to talk this over with your insurance provider and make sure that nursing home care will be covered by the policy that you select.

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