Minimizing the Risk of Auto Insurance Mistakes

Green Valley, AZ car owners need an excellent insurance policy to protect themselves from severe financial and legal troubles. However, they may make mistakes that cause complications with their coverage. We at Insurance Center of Green Valley can help you avoid this problem to keep your car safe.

Improper Automatic Payment Methods

Automatic payment is a great way to avoid missing an insurance payment. But if you change your debit or credit card number or don’t have the money in the account, your coverage may lapse. When this happens, you’ll end up having to get a new policy from a high-risk insurance company.

Paying Only the Minimum

States set up a minimum insurance level that all drivers must have on their vehicles. Many drivers try to save money by paying just this minimum—big mistake. If you get into an accident, you might end up paying higher premiums or having holes in your coverage that limit its usefulness.

Registering Under a Parent’s Name

Parents often try to help out their teen drivers by registering and insuring the car in their name when it belongs to and is driven by the teen. This act is called fronting and could result in your claims being denied, your policy canceled, and may even result in legal troubles. Don’t make this error.

Improper Claims

It isn’t unusual for people to make a mistake when filing their claims. They may end up submitting the claim wrong, putting the wrong information on the form, and much more. Pay attention to this possibility and do what you can to minimize its occurrence and keep your insurance proper.

Take Care of Your Insurance

As you can see, making insurance mistakes for your Green Valley AZ vehicle insurance can be problematic but easy to avoid. Call us at Insurance Center of Green Valley to learn more about how we can protect you from this severe concern and keep your insurance strong.