My car break pads are old enough to be replaced, Will my auto insurance bear the cost if I purchase a new one in Green Valley, AZ?

It would not be a good situation if you were driving down the street in Green Valley, Arizona and you had to slam on your brakes to avoid an accident because someone went through a red light. It could be much worse if, when you pressed down on the brake, your car did not slow down.

You do not have to get into an accident to know that your brake pads are old and need to be replaced. Many people procrastinate because the cost of doing a repair is too high. You may have to purchase parts for all four wheels and before you know it, the brake job will cost you $200.

If you have auto insurance, you might wonder if you can file a claim and get your carrier to pay to repair your car. Unfortunately, auto insurance policies do not cover maintenance or any parts that need to be replaced because of normal wear and tear.

Even if you have collision insurance and get into an accident because your brakes were bad, your insurance company will not pay for new brakes. It is your responsibility as a car owner to take care of your vehicle. Just as you have to change the oil in your car, replace the windshield wipers or purchase new tires every 50,000 miles or so, you have to maintain the brakes.

While your regular auto insurance policy does not cover parts or repairs not due to an accident, you can purchase a separate insurance policy that covers parts and repair costs for engine components, the drive train and other common things that can go wrong with your vehicle.

Give us a call and talk to an independent agent. They can explain what your auto insurance does and does not cover in more detail. Maintaining your vehicle in good operating condition can make you a safer driver and also lower your Arizona auto insurance premiums.