Protecting Your Car in Green Valley, AZ

A good vehicle is something that most people depend on.  Given this importance, drivers need to protect their car with the appropriate amount of automobile insurance.  Most states, including Arizona, require that drivers maintain minimum liability insurance.  In essence, this policy will cover an individual if they cause an accident and potentially injure someone.  In does not, however, pay for the repair or replacement of the policy holder’s vehicle.  Minimum liability policies will also cover medical expenses if the policy holder causes an accident that injures someone.  It will not cover the policy holder’s medical expenses.  If the other party’s medical expenses or repairs exceed what is covered by the policy, they may sue the policy holder personally for the additional expenses.  These are all valid reasons to talk with the insurance experts at the Insurance Center of Green Valley about the types of coverage needed. 

Two policies the agents will discuss is collision and comprehensive policies.  For cars that are being financed, the lender will often require these policies to protect their investment.  Basically, collision policies provide the value of the car minus depreciation should it be damaged or totaled.   They can also provide protection if the insured is hit by an uninsured/underinsured motorist.  Comprehensive insurance protects the auto from all other damage that is not related to an accident.  This can include theft, vandalism, fire and weather damage.  Even if the policy holder has medical insurance, it is a good step to talk with the staff at the Insurance Center of Green Valley.  They will be able to provide additional information to help get the amount of coverage needed. 

The staff at the Insurance Center of Green Valley serves the Green Valley, AZ area.  Get a quote online then call them to discuss the available options.  Protecting a car is important and worth getting the needed coverage.