Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

One of the biggest accomplishments for teens is getting their driver’s license. This can be a very exciting time for them, but stressful for you. How do you keep your teen driver safe? While there is no 100% guaranteed solution, at the Insurance Center of Green Valley, we believe that good communication with your teen driver on safe driving plays a key role in how they react and respond on the open road.

Talking with Your Teen Driver

First, it is imperative that your teen driver knows how dangerous cell phone usage can be while driving. Texting while driving in Green Valley, AZ is against the law for everyone. While talking on the phone is not illegal, it is important to emphasize to your teen that it is still very dangerous, especially for the inexperienced driver.

Secondly, emphasize to your teen the importance of obeying speed limit signs.  Speeding is a major cause of teen fatalities in Green Valley, AZ and throughout the country. When teens speed, they need more distance to stop and have less time to avoid a collision. Even going 10 miles over the speed limit highly increases their chances of a crash.

Finally, talk to your teens about distracted driving. Because they are inexperienced, they do not always notice potential dangers on the road until it is too late. Even simple things like eating, drinking, or changing the radio station can be big distractions.

Communication is Key

Communicate regularly with your teens about safe driving and have a list of rules and expectations. Also, don’t forget to model the rules you set for them. They will be watching. For more information about auto insurance for your teen driver, contact one of the experienced agents at the Insurance Center of Green Valley.