Signs You Need Your Brakes Checked

Whether you travel in the Green Valley, AZ area or anywhere else in the country, your brakes are one of the most important parts of a safe trip.  You do not want to be driving along and suddenly need to stop to realize your brakes are not working properly.  It’s best to have them checked with your regular vehicle maintenance, but sometimes that is not enough.  You need to be aware of warning signs that there may be a problem with your brakes.  Here are some signs that your brakes need to be checked.

  • Obvious signs are the brake warning light on the dashboard or your vehicle taking longer than normal to stop.
  • Brake pads have sensors that will squeal when the brake pad gets low, and if you let them go, you will then start to hear a grinding noise.  Grinding means the pad is gone and it’s metal on metal.
  • If your vehicle pulls hard to the right or left when stopping, then it could mean a caliper is stuck, and it causes it to pull to one side.  It could be other issues, like an unevenly worn tire, poor alignment, or another issue, but it’s a sign to have your car checked.
  • When making an emergency stop with antilock brakes, the pedal pulses, and if this happens during regular stopping there could be a problem with the rotors.
  • A mush pedal, meaning it goes close to the floor before engaging, there could be a problem with the pads or hydraulics.

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