Tips for Purchasing Commercial Insurance for Your Arizona Lawn Care Business

Owning a lawn care business can be very rewarding, but there are some risks involved. What do you do if one of your employees accidentally breaks a customer’s window or all of your tools are stolen while on a job? That’s where having the right level of business insurance coverage comes in handy. Here are a few tips for purchasing commercial insurance for your Green Valley, AZ lawn care business.

Know What Types of Insurance You Need

This first step to buying commercial insurance is making sure you know what type of coverage you need. There are several policies that most Arizona lawn care companies carry, including:

  • General Liability Insurance: This type of policy protects you if you accidentally hurt or damage property owned by someone else, and they intend to sue you. It is generally a requirement if you plan on bidding commercial landscaping jobs.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: This policy protects things your company owns, like equipment and tools. If you have an office, it also takes care of desks, computers, supplies, etc.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: If you have employees, you’re required by the State of Arizona to carry this coverage.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Most personal auto policies won’t cover you if you’re involved in a wreck while on the job. Instead, you need to have a commercial auto policy in place.

Understand Factors That Affect Your Premium Rates

When purchasing commercial insurance, it is also important to understand the various factors that affect your premium rates. Generally, the length of time you’ve been in business, any previous claims, and your driving record play a huge role. However, our team at the Insurance Center of Green Valley can help ensure you’re getting the most coverage for your needs and budget.

Are you ready to learn more? Our team at the Insurance Center of Green Valley is here to help. Please contact us via phone or email today to schedule a no-obligation policy review.