Upgrading to a Newer Vehicle? Don’t Forget to Update Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Cars don’t last forever! Once you’ve decided to upgrade to a newer vehicle, you’ll need to update your auto insurance. The good news is that you don’t need to start from scratch to get a new policy. You can transfer your current insurance to your new vehicle and update your coverage, as needed, to ensure you have accurate protection for your new vehicle model. For help reassessing your auto coverage, contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley in Green Valley, AZ.  

Importance of Updating Auto Coverage

The cost of insuring an older vehicle is usually lower due to its lower value. Many car owners also forgo certain types of coverage with older vehicles. However, you’ll want sufficient coverage to protect your valuable investment with a newer vehicle. If you’ve taken out a loan for your car, you may be required to have more complete coverage.

Some areas where you may want to reassess your coverage are:

  • Comprehensive insurance which protects your vehicle from theft, severe weather damage, fire, and other non-collision incidents
  • Collision coverage, which protects you from collision damage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage which helps cover the cost of damage to your car if you’re hit by a driver with insufficient or no insurance coverage

You’ll also want to review your coverage limits with your Green Valley agent to ensure you have adequate protection for your new car. We’ll help you reevaluate your insurance needs to give you the updated coverage you desire. We’ll also add any new drivers to your updated policy so your entire family is well protected against mishaps on the road.

Accurate and Affordable Auto Coverage in Green Valley, AZ

Contact the Insurance Center of Green Valley for accurate auto insurance coverage at affordable costs.