What to do When Your Car’s Check Engine Light Comes On

You might freak out or begin to panic the moment you see the “check engine” light appear. You start to think of all of the costs that could go along with it. The Green Valley, AZ agents at Insurance Center of Green Valley would like to ease your mind by letting you know what you should do when that dreaded light comes on.

Don’t Panic

Unless smoke is coming from the engine or sparks are shooting from the hood, don’t panic. Your on board engine’s computer is simply letting you know that there is some sort of malfunction. It may be something such as a sensor that needs to be replaced. If you’re handy with vehicles you can change the sensor yourself.

Get it Diagnosed

Take your vehicle to a mechanic so they can diagnose the issue. Those who’d like to do-it-yourself can purchase a code reader. Once the code is deciphered, then you can decide if the issue is something that either you or your local professional should handle. Some check engine lights illuminate when you have a faulty or cracked gas cap. It may seem like a small concern, but gas caps that leak can release vapors that alter the fuel system.

Fix the Problem

Just because you don’t panic right away, doesn’t mean that you should ignore the problem. Issues that build up over time can cause more damage. You could spend more money fixing a problem that was compounded with time. For example, if you ignore the light for several months and the issue was the catalytic converter, then your car will eventually stop running.

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