Share the Road

Bicycle safety tips and bicycle awareness can help to avoid accidents. There are three things to consider, which are preparation, awareness, and sharing the road.

It is important that a bicycle is well maintained and that the rider wears the proper safety equipment.

Proper safety equipment includes:

  • Helmets for all riders
  • Child seat with safety belt (if a young child is also riding on the bicycle)
  • Horn or bell to use to get attention from other drivers when needed
  • Reflectors
  • Safety lights for both headlight and taillight
  • Light-colored, reflective clothing
  • A full water bottle to avoid dehydration that has a secure mount
  • A cell phone to call for help if needed

Make sure the bicycle is big enough, but not too big, and adjusted to fit the rider’s size. Maintain spokes, wheels, tires, brakes, gears, pedals, seat, and handlebars correctly, so they are working properly and positioned correctly.

Bicyclists need to be aware that other drivers may have difficulty seeing them. Common dangers are drivers suddenly opening the door of a parked car, drivers not seeing a bicycle crossing an intersection, and obstacles in the road. Look ahead and use defensive driving skills to try to anticipate what may occur. Watch out for water, potholes, gravel, sewer grates, and covers.

Share the Road
Automobile drivers need to share the road with bicyclists. They should slow down when approaching a bicycle rider and only pass them when it is safe to do so. Do not honk at a bicyclist because it may startle them and pay careful attention to children who may be unpredictable.

By following these tips, bicyclists and automobiles can share the roadways in a safer manner. Be sure to get adequate insurance coverage from the folks at Insurance Center of Green Valley who can help with all your insurance needs.