Yes, you can recycle that!

Recycling has reached a point where it is possible to reuse just about anything. However, it can be tricky to know what to do with it or if you’ll simply be turned away. At Insurance Center of Green Valley, we want to make sure you know what you can recycle that you might not be currently. Whether you live in Green Valley, AZ or somewhere else in the state, here are a handful of objects you can recycle.


Yes, after you go through a home renovation it is possible to recycle the carpeting. Instead of tossing it out, you can check out Carpet America Recovery Effort. The organization will take your carpet and recycle it for you. Most of the fabric is made from plastic and can be reused in other forms.


Nobody really uses all of a crayon. Typically, it is used down to a nub and discarded. However, instead of tossing the waxy object into the trash, you can send these objects out to Crazy Crayons, where the wax is recycled to create new crayons.


Have a box full of old bras you have no use for? You’d probably be surprised as to what you can do with the undergarment. If you haven’t been able to sell the bras through garage sales, you can head over to the Bra Recyclers website. This organization takes gently used bras and distributes the clothing to women around the world who might not normally be able to afford them. As long as it is gently used, they will take your bras, ranging from dress to sport bras. 

Christmas Tree

Alright, this is something you’ll only be able to recycle once, at most, per year, but in Arizona especially it is easy to do. There are nearby locations that will pick up your tree and then strip it down and turn it into firewood.