Difference Between Insurance Score and Credit Score in Green Valley, Arizona

When you are looking for insurance in Green Valley, Arizona, you may wonder about the differences between scoring measurements. Although a credit score may seem straightforward and simple, in many cases it is confused with other numbers. An insurance score is not the same because it considers more than just the risk of late payments.

Credit Rating

A credit rating and score is developed by your history of making payments, the debts that you owe and similar financial data. Although the credit score is part of determining your how you score when looking for insurance, it is only one factor. The credit rating is based solely on your financial history, which is not enough to determine the full extent of the potential risks you pose to the insurer.

Insurance Scores

An insurance score is not the same as your credit rating. Although your credit rating is part of the score, it is a small part. The insurance score will also factor in your driving record, any claims you have made on your insurance in the past and the potential risks you may face based on statistical data and any further records that you may have.

Factors like a DUI charge, filing a claim or facing a lawsuit that is paid by your insurer due to liability protection are all part of your score. The credit rating and your financial history is a small part of the scoring process because it helps determine the risk that you may pay your premium late.

Ultimately, insurance scores are more comprehensive than a credit rating because it factors in more data about your potential risks. If you want to learn more about the scoring process, then contact us today to talk to an independent agent.